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An unsung moment from the Debate

By Indforobama - Posted on 27 September 2008

This is from a diarist form the Daily Kos....I missed that and now I am going to watch the debate again just to hear him utter those words..... I am voting for this man and I dont give a damn what anyone says.  This Post brought tears to eyes because I saw last night how rude and condescending McCain was to him and yet.......OMG.

I am writing  to share what was for me, the most quietly inspiring moment of the  the debate last night, and why, along with the obvious policy positions, why  Senator Obama is my candidate.   There were plenty of  points, very important points made and scored by Senator Obama.  All the blogs have them, and they were significant and clear positions articulated by Senator Obama, detailing why he is the candidate to lead us forward.

But the moment that made me feel like this man is more than a politician, more than a candidate, came right in the middle of this  debate  when Senator McCain was struggling to say  the name Ahmadinejad.

After waiting for what has felt like an eternity for this debate to occur, I watched every second on the edge of my seat, on an emotional roller coaster. I was sitting there cheering for points scored (I'm a sports addict, it's just how I approach situations like this, it is after all a competition).   And there were plenty of points, very important points made and scored by Senator Obama.  All the blogs have them, and they were wonderful.  After the debate's  conclusion, I checked some blogs and some talking heads.

And then I watched the replay of the debate to digest the whole thing.  To  think rather than emote my way through the responses. And it was in watching the replay that I picked up my absolute favorite unsung moment of the debate.

It came when  Senator McCain was stumbling with Ahmadinejad's name. He was  stumbling hard, almost unable to get the name or any semblance of it pronounced.  Very quietly, but audibly Senator Obama can be heard saying something. In the first viewing, I knew he had said something there, but was unable to decipher exactly what  he had said.  In listening to the replay it's easy to hear his comment.

He quietly acknowledged to Senator McCain "That's a tough one."    When I heard his remark, his gracious nod to the Senator's struggle to pronounce a very difficult name, his compassion for the man, I choked up. It humbled me.  It made me briefly look inward, and feel lesser for originally maybe hoping that it was some cutting barb. And it showed him as a man greater than politics,  greater for inspiring empathy and compassion for a fellow man.

Senator McCain's demeaning, belittling style in  the debate has drawn criticism.  Rightly so in my opinion.  Some  has been said of Senator Obama's gracious and respectful style, some  even criticizing  his style for not being more vicious, more attacking. But to me, the real measure of the man, not his "style", but who he is,  came in that comment.  

It was a very quiet statement. But what it said about Barack Obama is loud and clear.  

This man is not only a great leader, he is a very good man.

I just checked to see if anyone had read my diary, and it is a rec list entry.  I am late for a baby shower, have to still get a gift, and I'm shaking.  Read this blog for years and years.  thank you.  thank you.  

I also noted at the end when Obama shook McCain's hand and said "Good job, John." - True class!
Yes that too was was classy.  Thanks for reminding me.

You've brought up a good point about Obama's caring nature.  I see what you mean: the fact that he made the kind, empathic statement under his breath, rather than out loud where he could score points for being nice, points to a genuine, humble, caring soul.

It's terrific.  My only problem has been that humble and caring doesn't win elections, unfortunately. God, what I wrote just sounds horrible.  But these debates are competitions and not for the faint of heart.  You actually score bigger points for aggression, according to pundits.  Are they wrong?  Maybe.  Maybe in the end it really is the kindness thing that puts Obama over the top.  

Personally, I think political temperance general means the candidate be both cut-throat, at times, as well as decent.  


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This is a great and very touching post....I had to work last night so I havent caught up on watching all of the debate..But the little bit I saw I did sense how rude McCain was toward Obama, with the fake smiles and no eye contact.. I think he (McCain) is losing faith in his campaign and therefore took his frustration out on Obama.

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