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Obama's Money

By John Martin - Posted on 09 April 2007

At some point during Easter dinner last night, where about 14 of the 15 adults were Republicans, Obama became the topic of conversation. We probably got there by first discussing Giuliani, McCain and Fred Thompson, and I know we all had our usual gripes about Hillary, but when we hit Obama and his fundraising totals, nobody had any serious criticisms of him, the way we did with some of the other candidates. My retired cop father even said that he'd like to donate to his campaign, just so he could be part of it.When a conservative ex-cop who's never donated to a political campaign in his life says that he's thinking about contributing to Obama's campaign, just so he can join 100,000 other Americans, you know that something has got to be different here. If Obama has 100,000 donors after just three months of campaigning and nineteen months from election day, I don't see how he won't add a few hundred thousand more to his rolls. I don't see how millions of Americans won't also want to be part of what could be a real turning point for U.S. politics and our hope for our future.

Unlike other candidates who flub on the stump and have a habit of saying the wrong thing at the wrong time, Obama is a natural. (I know better than to say "articulate" here.) Unlike the other major candidates, who everyone has seen ad nauseam over the past few years, Obama is still an unknown to most Americans. When people do see him, they're usually more excited to see a young, smart candidate who talks about hope for the future, than they are disappointed that he doesn't have more time in the Senate behind him.

It's going to be a while before Hillary can take some of the shine out of Obama and slow down his momentum. Hopefully when that happens for her, it'll be a case of too little, too late.

Why do you think he's unknown to most Americans?  He's been in the press ever since the last Dem. convention right?  

Well.... the average voter doesn't tune in to the Democratic convention.  A lot of people know the name, but more people will know what he stands for once he comes to their state or to their town.

Why on earth would a republican vote for Obama? He's colored! You know we don't like those folk.

I can't tell if you're making fun of Republicans or African-Americans.  Either way, I notice you posted Anonymously.  Brave!

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