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Islam, the West and the ‘08 Election

By John Martin - Posted on 31 March 2007

I don’t care where you stand on the war or on the Bush administration’s handling of post-9/11 foreign policy, it’s hard to not admit that the Islamic world, especially the Arab and Persian Islamic world, is backward beyond belief, and shows no hope of being able to turn things around.

I’m not sure if Iran is lying, exaggerating or telling the truth when it says that these 15 British sailors were 500 yards into their waters. What I do know is that they’re giving the West a pretty good excuse to use military means to try to end this standoff, and take out whatever nuclear development they’ve already built.

Of course we should be independent of the Middle East and of its oil, but I’ll never blame the West or the U.S. for the current backwardness of Islamic nations. 1 Billion Chinese used to be messed with by the West, until the Chinese decided to reform their economy and join the modern world. Now they operate as equals with us. 1 Billion Indians used to be colonized by the West until they got rid of us. Twenty years ago, they too reformed their economy and are now also catching up to us and modernizing.

I’m going to be honest– a great side-benefit of an Obama Presidency is to have a darker-skinned guy be our face to the world. As much as the crazies who have a grip on the hearts and minds of young Muslims would like to paint these current wars as a fight of Christianity v. Islam, it’d be great to have a President who was partially raised in Indonesia and has a non-Western name. Maybe 1 or 2 more future suicide bombers will see how in a modern country, a young man by the name of Barack Obama can get to the top, while a young man in their country has nowhere to go that doesn’t involve having 10 pounds of dynamite strapped to him. Maybe some will start to blame their own corrupt and inept leaders, and not the leaders of Western nations.

My main regret in this Presidential campaign is that out of the 20 or so candidates, there’s only one woman running– a woman that about 50% of our country cannot stand. The only real consolation to a Hillary presidency would be to remind the 500 million Muslim women of the world what their lives would be like if their own societies could get out of the 12th century, the way the West, China, India, Russia, Japan and most of Latin America all have.

And I hate to say it, but it’d be nice to have a woman as our military’s Commander In Chief the next time the Amenijads of the world start a fight over a 15 sailors in a raft.

Sorry, but... "And I hate to say it, but it’d be nice to have a woman as our military’s Commander In Chief the next time the Amenijads of the world start a fight over a 15 sailors in a raft."Makes no sense to me.  : P  (And without being sexist, I still can't really imagine any situation where I'd want to have a woman as Commander-in-Chief...)

Ryan, if you believe a person's sex is a major factor in their qualifications to be commander-in-chief, then you are DEFINITELY sexist.  And I bet you have told your close, non-black friends the same about a black man being commander-in-chief.  The worst kind of sexist/racist is the kind that denies being one.  If you don't believe a non-white-male-protestant is capable of leading this country, say it loud, say it proud...don't be such a whimp.

Hey, Ryan... even if you're queezy about having a female Commander-in-Chief, just think how a radical Islamist feels about it.  The societies we're at war against almost universally think that women should be 2nd class citizens and should not be in positions of power.  I think bombs sent over from a female American President would be even more painful and humiliating to them.  You can't disagree with that.

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