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What are PUMAs?

By admin - Posted on 27 October 2008

Guest blog written by RFO member Alina:

Okay, I've been doing some research. PUMAs (former Hillary supporters who refuse to support Obama) have baffled me for a while for a number of reasons, none of which, have to do with "how can they cross party lines?" After all, Republican Obama supporters are crossing party lines.

They claim to be Clinton Dems (presumably rather liberal), and many of them claim to be staunch feminists (also presumably on the liberal side of the aisle).

I've seen them on TV, I've seen their sites and now I've ventured deep into some of their individual blogs as well as YouTube videos they post.

And here's what bugs me:

#1: They share the common belief that Fox News and right-wing talk radio are the only news sources that can be trusted.

#2: They have come up with a longer list of "suspicious characters" supposedly tied to Obama than Rush Limbaugh has.

#3: They obsess about the "Obama is a Muslim" crap more than the wackos we've seen on most Palin rally videos.

# 4: They "love Sarah". That's probably the creepiest one, coming from supposed feminist liberal Hillary supporters.

Anyhow, I knew most of the above before, and until recently assumed that PUMA was simply runoff from Operation Chaos, and consisted of a bunch of GOP trolls pretending to be Hillary supporters.

I still think it started that way, and I still believe that is the core of the movement, but my recent research suggests that there now are, in fact, a number of real ex-Hillary supporters doing the PUMA thing.


To get Hillary elected in 2012? Okay, maybe 1 in 1000 of them is actually asinine enough to believe that four more years of hell is worth going through to have the chance of another Hillary run in 2012.

To get a woman, any woman to the White House ASAP, even if that woman is Sarah Palin? Really?

Actually, they don't waste too many bytes or pixels on Hillary or Palin. It's 99% about "Barack Hussein Obama" and his ties to people like the "America-hater" "Black racist" Jeremiah Wright. Farrakhan and Al Sharpton are faves, too. If you pop in to any of their sites, blogs or see their YouTube videos, you'll find a whole other slew of characters they tie Obama to that I'd never heard of before. Incidentally, they're mostly Black. Of particular interest is their answer to cries for stopping the race-baiting and incitement of hatred at McPalin rallies - pictures of Black Obama supporters with captions like "Keepin' it Gangsta", or worse.

I'm not posting any of it. No pics, no links. I'm too disgusted to. It's easy enough to find, if you feel like making yourself sick.

I will, however quote from this "softer" letter from a PUMA to the Republican Party:

Obama is a man whose political ideology is more in line with that of Daniel Arap Moi, a founding father of Kenya who thrived on the cult of personality, than it is in line with that of our founding father, George Washington, a man who put it all on the line so that our country would truly be greater than any one man.


You know what I think a PUMA is?

The White equivalent of a Black Panther.

If these racists did any research at all they'd know that they're the same species. And I'm not just referring to the cats, either.

Gee, Barbara, if I knew my post was destined for the Blog, I would have cleaned up my language... ;)
I helped you out on that front. Hope you don't mind.
Thank you!
NP. Now go digg yourself!
Good idea, dugg.

As I've tried to say a couple of times - I accidentally smoked out a whole nest of them on a scrap booking site! It's all glittery signatures and pictures of kittens and babies and they say HORRIBLY racist things if given 1/2 a chance. Really scary!  These ladies are baking cookies laced with something. They are not all bad but I'd say more than 1/2 are. Last night I got called a TROLL by one! For pointing out their thinly disguised "Christian" rhetoric is exactly like what you see on StormFront (the Neo-Nazis). Anyone who is in the mood to kick some PUMA butt - go to and go to their Political Forums - yes, amidst the ads for sewing machines and fancy scissors they have a political forum.


- formerly klaf

What's with the knitting, baking and quiltmaking PUMAs? I ran into so much of that when going through their blogs! It's creepy!

Good point Alina. It shocked me - SHOCKED. The only thing I can think of is that a lot are probably "doomers" "end of timers" "stepford wives" - I dunno. Some of these women identify themselves as WAHMs (work at home moms) and give their description as "loving wife to blabbety blah blah my handsome, dentist husband and proud mother of my blonde blue eyed children..." Freakin' weird. And MEAN! EWWW Doggies! They turn on each other on a dime. It's like high school in those forums. I just read them the riot act because now they are all "just a wringin' their hands over this threat to poooor Obama! Lordy, they don't want him to be President, but they didn't want him DEAD!" Gasp! I told em all the THINK about the garbage I've seen on their just in a few days time. They had a whole "white Christian manifesto" on there last night.

UPDATE: I apparently need to "...get a grip. because the fact that they choose to post anti Obama rhetoric does not mean they want him dead..." Right. Last night they had a ton of stuff from BO's books taken out of context about how he "hates whites".


- formerly klaf

Great blog alina! I haven't given the PUMAs much thought. I saw a few during the DNC and just figured they were a group of staunch feminist Hillary supporters... nothing more.

WOW, was I wrong!!! These women live in Bizzaro-World! Sewing, baking, knitting, quilting, and hate. Reminds of my grandma - except for the hate.

Is it me or does it sometimes seem like our world is morphing into a Lewis Caroll novel? 

Whoops - sorry alina and Frances - my post ended up in the wrong place...
If we're digging this, we might want to keep the McCain supporters from hijacking the discussion thread.

Sticker/sign tally in Orange County, CA:

  • Obama - 5
  • McCain - 2
  • (As of 2008/10/24)

There's just one person voicing their opinion, I wouldn't worry about hijacking. They bring up one good point. I gave no sources (because this was orignally a simple forum rant, and I was too disgusted with the sources I found to post them). As I still don't want to flood this post with obscene material, I will answer the "You made the muslim thing up" with this video, which is pretty "soft":

Barbara, could you change the edit that says: "After all, we're crossing party lines" to: "After all, Republicans for Obama are crossing party lines"? I'm an Independent... no party lines to cross.

Interesting, so both parties have their share of racist radicals, and both groups are hiding behind other reasons, anything to avoid the racist label. Of course, there are "purists" among them who would gladly label themselves racists.

I was listening to a show on NPR the other day about students in PA who were trying to register other students to vote for Obama. I was actually surprised how racists some of student's comments were; I thought younger people were more open. While older folks, usually, at least try to mask their racism the younger generation doesn't even bother. I guess it's easier to find extremes in younger people than in older folks.

This American Life - was that the show?
I was driving home while listening to it Friday evening.  I started shouting at the radio.  (Normally, I don't get quite that animated when listening to the radio.) 
The guys with the phones. 
The mis-informed guys from NYC?
Hats off to all who are doing the polling thing and going door-to-door.  Bless you!
I didn't catch the name of the show. It aired yesterday around 6pm EST. They had a segment about Democrats for McCain and another about student's trying to register other students. I usually think NPR is fairly balanced, but these pieces, too me, felt tilted toward McCain. Not because of what they reported, but the commentary in both sections.
That's why everyone should stick to the oldies station... Unless you're a young punk like me who likes the oldies and the newies....

Yes, that was "This American Life".  It is an hour long show that focuses on 1 subject and tells stories from different angles.  If you heard the entire hour you would see/hear the balance.  But, I agree - one McCain story is three too many.  You can listen to any of the shows here:  Archives
I recommend:
* May 9, 2008 ... The Giant Pool of Money
* Oct. 3, 2008 ... Another Frightening Show about the Economy
* Oct. 24, 2008 ... Ground Game (This gave really good insight to the battle in PA)

Thanks. I'll check out the ones you recommended.
Also, check out "The Audacity of Government".

Sticker/sign tally in Orange County, CA:

  • Obama - 5
  • McCain - 2
  • (As of 2008/10/24)

Missed that one - I'll give it a listen - thanks MM
I still want to know, what is a PUMA?
Party Unity My Ass
Thanks Peter, I didn't know.  Last poll I saw said 88% of Hillary supporters were voting for Obama.  They're always be a few, but I knew once it became clear what Palin stood for, they'd stampede back to Barack.

I followed the primaries quite closely; back then I didn't know about RFO :)

There was a lot of tension between Obama and Hillary's campaign. Both sides trashed each other.

The tension on the Obama camp stemmed from the frustration of having to fight with Hillary as well as McCain when it was increasingly obvious that Hillary was not going to make it. There were several attempts to appease the Hillary camp, but it seemed that the more they tried the more they were pushing them away. After a while a lot of people were completely against Hillary, even for her to become the VP pick; something that was regarded as the dream ticket in spring.

In the Hillary's camp there was this huge desire to win, to the point that nothing else mattered. Reminds me of the McCain campaign. As we were heading toward the end of the primaries, and it was pretty obvious that Obama was going to win, there were a lot of voices for Hillary to step down. This made the tensions even worse, and a large group of HRC supporters assumed the "party unity my ass" stand, meaning that they didn't care about the party unity, electing Hillary was more important.

Thanks again.  i was in Washington State which went 70% for Obama in the caucuses.  Pretty much a rout.
Is this true?  Does PUMA really stand for that??  I looked around online during the DNC and couldn't find what it stood for. 

Thanks, Peter.  Believe it or not, I do know how to use google... I swear. ;) 

Actually, at the time I was searching for it I just typed in "PUMA" as my search and saw a few links  from different PUMA blogs but not what the acronoymn stood for.   I do remember not liking what I saw, however, and decided not to waste too much time on it. 

I didn't mean to imply that you didn't. If you type in the acronym and what it stands for of course you get a lot of hits. Funny how it's easy to find something you already found.

I guess it also stand for "People United Means Action" but I think they came up with that to make it more PC / legitimate. I've actually never heard of "People United Means Action" until I read the Wiki entry -- in all the forums that I was reading they were referred to and calling themselves as "Party Unity My Ass" 

My point in the post is exactly that it doesn't matter what they say PUMA stands for - in fact, there are different uses of the acronym. The point is that they started with PUMA, as code for White Panther (vs. Black Panther), and then made up meanings for it.

I wish they realized what the White Panther Party was. LOL.

I never knew their was a White Panther Paty, and I bet they never knew either...LOL...I learn something new everyday on this site.

PUMAs are largely a myth.  Going extinct as we speak.  Most Dems who have been polled following the convention state a desire to elect Obama.  

My definite sense is that many or most of the ppl saying they are PUMAs are really just Republican operatives in disguise.  Saw them at work for months over on the Politico website.  It was pretty obvious they were Pubs and not Dems.  People started calling them out as phonies and interestingly many of them stopped posting.

"We need John McCain to leave... uh... lead this country." - Palin, Vice Presidential Debate

McCain/Palin Deathwatch, October 3, '08:  McCain presently has a (partially complimentary) 28% chance of winning the election.

I know a couple of them in real life.

Yeah, you only know a couple ;)

"We need John McCain to leave... uh... lead this country." - Palin, Vice Presidential Debate

McCain/Palin Deathwatch, October 3, '08:  McCain presently has a (partially complimentary) 28% chance of winning the election.

I agree that most of them are frauds, but it looks like a few racist Dems have joined them. I realized this when reading some of their blogs. I'm talking about real women with blogs going back a few years. Come the primaries, they express some enthusiasm about Hillary, and go back to posting recipes. When Obama wins the primaries, all of a sudden their blogs turn into 100% Obama smear blogs.

Ick.  That makes me wanna throw up in my apron. 


"We need John McCain to leave... uh... lead this country." - Palin, Vice Presidential Debate

McCain/Palin Deathwatch, October 3, '08:  McCain presently has a (partially complimentary) 28% chance of winning the election.

Just wanted to chip in and say I agree that most of them are frauds. Every Hillary supporter I know in real life has supported Obama.
where do you live and how old are your friends?

Me too Nelsonmj. 

"We need John McCain to leave... uh... lead this country." - Palin, Vice Presidential Debate

McCain/Palin Deathwatch, October 3, '08:  McCain presently has a (partially complimentary) 28% chance of winning the election.

The Queen of the PUMAS

Professor Dolores Umbridge

"That's right. Because deep down you know that you deserve to be punished. Don't you Mr. Potter?"

OH, I LOVED seeing her get her butt kicked!!!  She embodies the PUMA all the way!
Pink Clothes, kittens, pink sugar in her tea, super demure energy up front, and a rage disorder hiding beneath.

OMG, too perfect! 

"Genius may have its limitations, but stupidity is not thus handicapped." - Elbert Hubbard (R-Iowa 1905-1912)

You know, it is very possible that some of these sites exist as a fraudulent method of stirring up crap. It doesn't take much to start a blog or a forum these days and some of these people might just be trying to be controversial.

I have a hard time believing that any Hilary supporter would go for Sarah Palin. It makes no earthly sense at all. 

If I wanted to get attention during an election, that would be a good way to do it. And, if my site included Google Word ads or some other type of click based site payment, it could be lucrative. Anyone searching Hilary and anti-obama would land on such a site and the owner could be paid.

Just a thought.


Great article, alina, and front page worthy for sure!

I think some people are confusing mainstream HRC supporters, with the radical PUMA group.  Whoever started it, it caught fire, sputtered, and now is a smouldering ember just looking for an excuse to burst back into flame.  They found it...racism!!  And their hate and resentment is so deep and so strong, that they will not hesitate to use race as fuel for that flame.  Anything to bring Obama down...after all, he defeated Hillary.  The fact that he did it fair and square means nothing to them.

I didn't realize the racial issue had come into play with PUMA.  The PUMA and Black Panther comparison is spot on!  Great work....again.  You and your trusty computer are amazing. 

Last month, support for Obama among former-Clinton supporters was unchanged from June.

Looks like the spectacular embarrassment that is the Palin candidacy has helped Obama sway more of these voters: his support among former-Clinton supporters is now up to 70%. But that still leaves 30% rejecting Obama. That's a huge number. It sure doesn't sound like the PUMA movement is a mere chimera.

That's a single survey.  Not enough to convince me.  I've heard otherwise.

"We need John McCain to leave... uh... lead this country." - Palin, Vice Presidential Debate

McCain/Palin Deathwatch, October 3, '08:  McCain presently has a (partially complimentary) 28% chance of winning the election.

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