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Texas needs signs

By Aaron_Hussein_Musick - Posted on 20 February 2008

I was out driving all day yesterday, mostly on the norther side of Houston, and I saw not one Obama sign anywhere. I was shocked, and I hope other areas of our great city are getting signs and banners up. I also saw no Hillary signs, which I consider a good thing.

If anyone in one of the earlier states has a cache of signs, please post it here or contact someone in the Obama campaign.

I plan to make and carry a sign to the caucus, but I'd like to see some Obama signage around my city, if for no other reason than to make Billary wince as they drive by.


Yeah, troubling AARON! I've been trying to get signs rounded up for Texas all week. I have placed emails to the organizers here but have not heard. There is a woman named Paula Williams that is trying (from Texas) to do the same thing. Email me if you want her number if she has located any!

It matters SO much, the signs. It's a silent endorsement. When I put my sign in my front lawn, HOPE, it was the first campaign sign I ever had, even being a political person. I also had one of the change signs but I left my car unlocked and someone took it. MUST HAVE NEEDED MORE HOPE THAN I DID! *left my purse, but that's another story! DING DONG!

I will let you know if I do hear anything!

I saw an Obama yard sign in Sugar Land last week.

Drop by an Obama campaign office.  There is one off 59 in Sugar Land.

It is typical for campaigns to take a while to get yard signs out....with the primary season so compressed, it is no surprise we see a shortage of signs.

I also could not find Obama signs here in Virginia Beach. When I tried buying lawn signs online I only landed on Cafe Press and there they cost $26+ shipping so that's no good. Tonight, however, I found and there I was able to order product at a reasonable price. I ordered lawn signs, bumper stickers, car magnets. I could not find a "Republicans for Obama" lawn sign at the website. If anyone knows where I can get Republicans for Obama lawn signs at a reasonable price (like 2 for $6 as sells regular Obama/Biden lawn signs), please email me and let me know. ---- I tried reaching the democratic office here in Va Beach but they don't seem to have a street address and they do not answer the phone messages I've left there. 

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