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A few numbers

By Barbara Gordon - Posted on 05 November 2008

A few notes from the national exit polls:

Crossparty support was split evenly, at ten percent for each candidate. Obama won the independent vote by a 12-point margin. But among whites, McCain won both crossparty support and independents.

83% of Democratic voters who supported Hillary in the primary voted for Obama; 16% crossed over.

40% of voters said that Palin was a significant factor in their decision. They broke for McCain 54/46. But of the ones who said Palin was the most important factor, 52% voted Obama.


Looking at these numbers, I really am curious how much of a factor race was in this election. We don't know why the 16% of Hillary supporters voted for McCain. It's hard to make much sense of when you realize that Hillary's and Obama's platforms were very, very similary. Some of them suggest that they just really wanted to vote for a ticket with a female presence, but Palin hardly represents modern feminism; if she did then perhaps more than 43% of women would have supported her ticket.

And what about the independent support for McCain? In a time of pressing economic crisis (which usually plays in the Democrats' favor), and following a disastrous and overwhelmingly unpopular Republican adminstrations, the white independents break for -- another Republican? Something's fishy about that.

It is a beautiful day in America, knowing we have finally elected our first President who is anything other than a middle-aged white male. But I hope someday we'll see an America where we're no longer talking about overcoming racism in our elections -- because I hope we'll see an America where racism is no longer a factor in the first place.






because I hope we'll see an America where racism is no longer a factor in the first place.


Good article Barbara but remember this country was founded on RACISM so to see it disappear or think it will no longer be a factor because of Obama unfortunately will not happen. The only way is to deal with it with intelligence and a strong sense of everybody's history not just the WASP history that has been force fed to Americans so long that they think Egypt and black, latino or asian culture doesn't exist. Peace and Blessings

Some people get tied up on one person or party and just can't let it go! It was hard for my husband to let go, and vote Obama. Sarah palin convienced him as time went on that Mccain/Palin just wasn't ready to run the white House together.
The polls I saw said McCain's age had more effect on people's vote than Barack's race.

What could have been: 

Wait, this is Fox News. You gonna believe them??


But seriously, I have a very hard time believing that any governor or vice-president nominee doesn't understand that Africa is anything other than a continent.

It would be interesting to have a primary source for that, because it just seems so incredible, even though I agree that Palin was not qualified for the office. 

The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, & wiser people so full of doubts.
-- Bertrand Russel

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