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Jane Devin opinion - Religious right killed the G.O.P. and Goldwater Conservativism.

She was off the mark suggesting that Reagan cultivated the Religious Right.    He did no such thing---his appeal was much broader than that and essentially secular in nature, not religious.

While Reagan may have had some kind of religion, he did not wear it on his sleeve.

But now, in this last election cycle, we have reached the point where both Presidential candidates had to be vetted by Rick Warren of the Saddleback Church in TV interviews to satisfactorily demonstrate their Christian bona fides to his satisfaction.

The very fact that they deferentially bowed to being "screened" by a leader of a large religious group only served to enhance the self-assumed power these zealots have in our political system today----and encourages them to believe they are the 'base."

Well, they are not the base.

Only when we return our Republican Party to a broad secular message can we have any hope for building a majority again.


I have to agree with you about Ronald Reagan. Ronald Reagan did not pander to the religious right, LOOK AT HIS SUPREME COURT JUSTICE CHOICES!!! The religious right put him up on a pedestal and claimed him for themselves. In fact, they would love nothing more than to convince everyone that he was one of them, because a lot of their false political legitimacy they've stolen from Reagan's legacy.

"   Well, they are not the base."

I disagree with you respectfully on that. They sure seem to have taken over the base. Look how many of them loved Palin, a person who lacked not only experience, but intelligence. What she did have was nice right wing religious background and she believed in the right wing religious version of political correctness, right down the list of talking points. And she was chosen solely for that. 

I'm afraid they really have become the base. I wish someone could "talk me down" from that.

I can't talk you down from that, Benjamin, becuase you are spot on on that  issue. The problem for the GOP is how to back away from them, without necessarily alienating them.

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