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For Dixie, anyone else--Dogs and Friends

By Minngirl - Posted on 08 November 2008

I met Karen on the A&E Horatio Hornblower forum where a few guys and a lot of women shared our feelings (mainly love for the early movies) about the miniseries.  Lots of funny satiric stuff.  I could probably find some of the things Karen wrote.  I've always liked ships of the Napoleonic era, and I developed a love for naval historical fiction.  We even had conventions, and I met her at one in Chicago.  Unfortunately, she was in the middle of shows so only there for a few hours.

I'm glad to hear she worked for Obama too. 

Didn't see the series, but I love old movies. It's a good thing we have a few TV's in this house, becasue I'm the only one who enjoys watching them. So, I usually go to another room and watch. Some of those old ones were the best! Karen is very witty and well-spoken and a delight to be with. Are you in NC? She is still in PA.
No, I've been in Minnesota for the past 40 years.  I only met her that one time in Chicago.  I've passed through the area where she lives in PA several times.  I adore the Brandywine Valley!  I spent most of my childhood living in South Jersey and like visiting out East. 

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