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TV ALERT: Shuttle Launch tonight

By Perot_Obama - Posted on 14 November 2008

God speed to the Shuttle Endeavour and her brave crew.  I highly suggest tuning to NASA TV if its on your cable or satellite TV list, it can also be viewed here

That was so cool to watch. I get so jazzed about NASA.


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For those who missed it earlier.

Astronauts put on their launch-and-entry suits and depart for Launch Pad 39A. -- Watch This

The night time launch from Kennedy Space Center of STS-126 Space Shuttle Endeavour on November 14, 2008 to the International Space Station.

God speed!

I have to say this:  those astronauts are a heck of a lot braver than I am.  There is no way I would EVER go into space... ever.  One of my husbands dreams is to go into space.  I told him that he would be going without me, but that I will be happy to stay on the ground and take lots of pictures.

God speed to those brave souls.  Be safe.

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I didn't see it live but I saw some pictures of it a few minutes ago.  A night launch is beautiful!!  I really admire astronauts.  I am basically a chicken little.  I pray they have a safe mission and return home safe and sound!

Very cool! These kinds of things should be kept in the forefront of our attention, rather than shuttled to the back (heh!).

I mean, they are more important than whatever Lindsay Lohan says or whether Brittany is wearing any underclothes, etc.

My uncle used to work for a contractor as part of the crew that serviced the shuttle on the ground. Now, I always forget exactly what he did, but it's pretty cool nonetheless! 

Oh, and I remember when I was in grade school, before the first shuttle launch, I got to see the Space Shuttle Enterprise fly over head of our bus piggybacked on a 747 jet. That was pretty cool 

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progress is the magnificent by product." 

". . . piggybacked on a 747 jet" Yes, that's pretty neat.

Thanks, Misty!

I should remember to turn to you before I go to Google Images or Youtube!! 

"For those who plan with audacity and execute with vigor,
progress is the magnificent by product." 

I'm a fan of everything dealing with NASA and astronomy. The late Carl Sagan was one of my heros.

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