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I Feel Violated

By Wolfman456 - Posted on 15 November 2008

I feel violated by Jill, and if someone doesn’t do anything about it, I’m just going to leave. When she tried to get in to a debate with me, she talked down to me like I was a child. Then when I explained my positions she told me that I had “mental issues”, I was “delusional” and then when I said other people supported me, she indirectly called them stupid.

Then she made a sarcastic attack on the political party I am working with.

If the moderation of this board allows this, then I am going to leave. I won’t stand for someone throwing insults at me, calling me delusional and crazy and then attacking the people that I associate with. It's that simple. Either someone take action or I will leave this site.

Wolfman, Jill "worships" the free market system and anything that doesn't conform to her will is going to get blasted.  Do yourself a favor, when people worship something other than God, read the story of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego from the Book of Daniel.  Many of us really enjoy the fiery furnace and the fact that there was someone else in there.  Who could it be now?

She also made sarcastic remarks on my college degree. I spent the last five minutes pacing up and down the hallway while seeing red.

Please make her stop. 

Just consider the source and write her off as one that has had all her ideology shot down.
I'll try to do that.

Calm down wolfie.  I know jill can be overbearing and condescending, but she has no power over you.  Don't give it to her.

I warned you both on the other thread, and have since given her a final warning.  In fairness, you must admit that you got ugly also.

But believe me, jill's warning has nothing to do with what you posted here.  As a matter of fact, this post makes me want to let jill stay, as you cannot think that you can demand that anyone be banned because you want them to be, and I personally do not like being threatened.  If you feel you must leave, I will hate that, and miss you.  You've been a valuabe part of RFO.  But the admin makes the decisions as to who stays and who goes.  You would have been much wiser to have emailed me about this, than to make a public issue out of it. 

I really hope you stay, but the choice is yours. 

I will consider this.
Thanks wolfie.  As I said, she has no power unless you give it to her.  Do like so many do here...ignore her. ;-)

I generally agree with Jill on economics -- not all the time, but usually -- but I agree that her response to your well-researched argument was in bad form. 

I understand frustration when someone posts a +5 wall of text in a web forum -- we don't all have the time to read through and consider and researche and rebut all of the points that are made. However that does not excuse resorting to personal attacks.

Personally, when I disagree with something but I don't have enough time to rebut it, I'll just let it slide. It's hard to do so sometimes, but it doesn't mean defeat or apathy. 

"For those who plan with audacity and execute with vigor,
progress is the magnificent by product." 

Personally, when I disagree with something but I don't have enough time to rebut it, I'll just let it slide. It's hard to do so sometimes, but it doesn't mean defeat or apathy.

That's what I tell friends if they have a hard time letting go of something. It's a forum on the Internet, not a Presidential debate. I mean, if we have silly standards for POTUS debates, I have a hard time believing we should have tight standards for Internet forums.

And there's no sense crying over every mistake
You just keep on trying 'til you run out of cake.

Wolfman, I used to live in Spokane Washington.  There was another person with my name from Seattle.  Because I have a relatively uncommon last name, they assumed it was me.  And to add insult to injury, another person in Spokane looked like me! I guess.  So for about 17 years I have had to go through a gauntlet of accusations of two different people!  You can't imagine what a total living hell that was!  For the last 6 years I was a member of a mainline protestant church and some of this crap leaked in there, and I felt people should know better but when they're conservative (somewhat inclined toward fear) the gossip flew like a b52 bomber.


You're lucky.

Dude that sucks man. I had that happen to me once in the army. I have a common first name and last name. People kept asking me if I was Paul Hensley from the 101st Airborne, and one guy was like "you owe me all this money".

That wasn't a good day. 

Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves. - Carl Jung
You're exactly right. DaveC you should major in Philosophy.

Or psychiatry.......Of course, I think Davey is past the majoring in anything age, like me. 

Wolf - that's pretty funny acting as if you have no culpability.  I replied directly to Perot's post and you put yourself into that conversation.

"The Federal Reserve has been around since 1913.  Are you saying it took almost 100 years for its effects to be fully realized?  OTOH deregulation of the private sector began with Reagan's first term and was accelerated by Presidents Bush I & II    

I am saying that the effects have been realized since removal of the gold standard by FDR and persistent and consistent government meddling into the economy has produced disastrous results."

YOU REPLIED:"And what does this have anything to do with Game Theroy? Did you forget that or did you avoid it all together because you don't actually know about it?


To get respect you have to show respect.  Did it occur to you that most people work during the day and cannot spend endless amounts of time to address your thoughts?

I replied: Please - game theory was covered in Management Science.  Did you just learn about it?  Have you ever heard the expression a little knowledge is a dangerous thing? Please don't insult my intelligence - is there some need for you try to one up me or prove me wrong?  Perhaps I am misinterpreting your post but it seems very confrontational and a discussion need not be that way to prove a point.


It detoriated from there as I stopped reading after your various insults within the next post so you can get off your high horse.  You have continually in various posts try to insinuate my supposed lack of intelligence.  I will not let you do that and if being dished out what you serve is not comfortable then don't start it.  I am capable and have many times held a conversation on this board without resulting to personal insult.  However I will not let one about me go without sending one back.

If you feel violated it is your own fault.  If you can't respond in a civilized manner then don't reply back to me and I will do the same.


I never questioned your intelligence before you started by talking down to me. I questioned your knowledge which shouldn't be insulting. I don't actually expect anyone to know something about Game Theory unless they have some sort trainning in Mathematics, Economics or any other field of study that involves it.

Like I don't expect you to know how to preform open biapass surgery unless you're a doctor.

I was simply asking you if you had knowlege on the subject.

Also, before last night, I never ever made a post about your intelligence or lack of it. I engaged you in meaningful debate against your position because I opposed it. Someone disagreeing with you shouldn't be insulting at all. In fact on the subject of free trade, you dodged many of my arguments.

Reread what you replied to above.

Do you really think that was not inflammatory?  Could you not have simply asked if I was familiar with game theory?

Then reread the part in my post where I asked if I misinterpreted your response.

I don't mind disagreements in fact I enjoy them as you invariabily learn something new.  But you have continually questioned my intelligence and insulted me - China's middle class come to mind?

You seem to not be capable of a discussion that merely presents a point of view.  There is always a derogatory nature involved at least with me and I admit I am sure it is deserved for past behavior.  That is why if I don't respond to certain arguments it is the tone you take rather than your argument.

You complain about my 'narrow' point of view but you seem to suffer from the same supposed problem.

Anyway the point is moot - I have asked for my account to be deleted so you can torture some other person that dares to disagree with the group think.  This is my last post.

When we talked about the Chinese middle class, I disagreed with the fact that people could call them a middle class because they only made 10,000 dollars a year. I didn't question your intelligence or anything, I simply disagreed with you.

All arguments aside, if this is indeed your last post. Goodbye, I wish you luck in life. 

Ok this is my last post only so I can illustrate your response to the China middle class post:

"Keep your head in the sand, it will make you look so much smarter."

Is that not questioning my intelligence?  B/c you don't think 10k a year is middle class due to your experience here doesn't mean that 10k is middle class in China.  Different costs and standard of living.  At that salary people are buying Starbucks and Western brands.

Cost of living is different in every country and so is the value that is placed on work.  I see global salaries all the time and they are starking different in USD equivalents.  Keep that in mind that 500k rupiahs is  10k USD and that is the beginning level of India's middle class.  I don't have salary data for the yuaun so that is why I am using India.  Context and perspective.

 Best of luck to you in your future endeavors.


"Keep your head in the sand, it will make you look so much smarter."

I shot that quote back at you after you shot it at me. I personally think that was a bad example.

Peace Jill, Peace. 

jill, I yeild the floor to Wolf and his question on economic game theory and I'm anxious to further my understanding on the topic through your deep well of economic thought.
Boys, girls, let old BlakeyV here tell you about the game theory I know about. Ya see here, it was said back in the mid to late 90's and even up until recent years the NBA officials were calling games that were bet upon. It can be said that perhaps the NBA finals were rigged in determining who the winner was going to be and the play on the court could not decide it. Now that is just a game theory, but I think it is true. I was a big Michael Jordan fan, but that play against the Jazz in the finals he could have got called for offensive foul, but the refs maybe had a little uno muno on the table and held back from calling it. Football and baseball can have the same thing happen, when it comes down to personal judgement, well enough said. Now you start bringing the Chinese in this topic, Yao Ming of the Rockets has yet to complain about the officiating. I hope this helps everyone get calmed down and rethink this game theory subject. LOL intended for humor only, I felt a rise in blood pressure here and could sense frustration and am attempting to lighten the moment. Lifes too short to argue about stupid stuff. Have a great day and ENJOY!
ROFLMAO    A much needed distraction Blakey.  Thanks ;-)
Imagine tension as a balloon filling with air. Imagine a needed joke as a feather to the armpit of the person inflating the balloon.

Good show, Blakey. I always like the "pthbbbbtht" sound of an errant balloon flying away.

And there's no sense crying over every mistake
You just keep on trying 'til you run out of cake.

I second that notion!


Stay Wolfman - Jill's a one trick pony with an agenda to fulfil. I find her condescendingly disrespectful of others views as well but there's no point in attempting discussion when there is no inclination to yield to other viewpoints - ever. Just don't engage.

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