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Time for me to be absolutely shameless.............

By dixie33 - Posted on 16 November 2008

........and plug my business. I make coats, collars, jammies, and bling for our canine friends. This is a photo of my Dixie in her new all-weather coat. I know you good Republicans, moderate Dems, and independent Independents will appreciate my business venture. Go over and have a look and let me know what you think. I am in the middle of updating my website, so I don't have all my new stuff uploaded and some of the collar pages are a bit different, depending on which color of nylon webbing you click. Go to my happy cuctomers pages and you will see some of the stuff I have done.


Uh oh, thought I posted this to the miscellaneous chit-chat section. Why is it showing up on the election page? If I've somehow done something wrong, I'm sorry. I was trying to keep it over there!

It's in the right place, all new posts show up in the "Recent Posts" window. 

Cute dog, and neat outfit ;-)  When it comes to promoting a personal venture or website, one shameless plug can be allowed ;-)

Doggie bling... Maybe we could forward your site to Mrs. Obama for consideration with her daughters?

And there's no sense crying over every mistake
You just keep on trying 'til you run out of cake.

That poor greyhound.
Not a greyhound, a whippet. She loves her coat, hates posing for the camera. It took me about 10 shots just to get one halfway decent. Sighthounds have virtually no body fat, so they get cold quickly. In the cold weather, they are VERY happy when I pull out the coats!! Also, I make everything, for all breeds, not just sighthounds.

It's still a sighthound.

My Tamaskan Husky Mix doesn't need a winter coat, he has one already :)

Good Lord Wolfie.  I bet he is huge!!
He's about 105 pounds. He's half Tamascan and half wolf.
Is he nice??0

He might kill someone by licking them to death.

He's the biggest, sweetest mutt around. 

When I was growing up we had a pit bull that was the same way.  She was a big baby, her name was Sassy.  She was  my favorite dog --ever!!!

all smll dogs  especially those  bred to be  too small to  live long or be   healthy..

hand held  pets  is shamelessly bad bad bad bad bad bad bad. 

 did i say its a bad thing?

 i hope the bonzai your pet breeding  can get outlawed altogether,


 They all get  too cold  and too  hot  too fast. and the weak and small bred with ther weaker and smaller, have major health problems

having the wrong animal for the weather where you live also means  gear. or hair cuts or temp controls.


they belong on grass and dirt  or at least a 99c carpet you tuck under your arm and bring. 

 Now on to Cats...


Awwww  Dixie!  She looks very lady like and regal.  Adorable!

Very cute, Dixie!  Reminds me of the Wire Fox Terrier (Devon) that I had when I was growing up.  He loved to put on his sweater when the weather got cold.  He would trot around and show everyone how good he looked.  It was cute and funny.    

Yes America Can!  Yes America Did!


Time for me to be shameless or admit I'm stupid, but how do I post a picture here....macdoodle you say on to cats.....I'll finish, they belong under grass and dirt or carpet or cement, appoximately 3' deep.. Sorry not a cat person.
Bad Blakey!!
  My ears were being washed . . . I didn't hear that.
Be very careful Blakey. The moderator is a real cat person.  ;-o
Meow.....Here kitty,kitty, kitty,kitty, nice kitty, nice kitty.  {Damn Moderators anyhow;LOL} Sorry Suzi, I've always been a dog person and never much of a cat person. They are too sneaky for me.

Dogs have masters, cats have staff.  What can I say?  lol  I just like their independent streak.  I've trained mine though, to go outside to use the bathroom, just like a dog.  They go to the door and meow. ;-)

I like dogs ok, but always feel like I have to wash my hands immediately after petting one.  I can wait a bit after stroking a cat.  I actually like all animals, as long as I don't have to touch them.  lol

Yay!  Another cat person!  I've spoiled mine rotten!  Like you, I like dogs, except that dogs, even after you've given them a bath ALWAYS smell like a dog!  It is so great to have my cat lie sleeping next to my computer.  It's kinda like having a furry de-stresser within arms reach.
I have two...from the same litter.  But one of them adopted one of my grandsons as a kitten, so that one is more his than mine now.  The other one is my baby, ;-)  I agree that they are a de-stresser, and so affectionate.  She's not my cat, I'm her person. ;-)  I've had cats most of my life, and just love them. 

My last cat was a calico I named Sabrina.  My father used to say I don't know if she's a witch but she sure can be a little bitch!

I wanted to keep her inside until she was six months and had her surgeries.  But by 5 months I had to let her outside and she would run from one end of our yard to other back and forth, what a little ham!

Suzi, don't forget the other 2 that adopted you too.  The little grey one and the black one.  So between you and Lesley, you actually have 4.  =)
That's why I love my whippets. They have no doggie odor. They clean themselves much like cats do. The only time they smell is if they deliberately roll in something, then they get cleaned up very quickly! I don't want that smell in my house, lol. But even when they get wet, no smell. I LOVE it!!
Dixie, are Whippets good with children?
Most are excellent with children. Like any other breed, you can get the occassional oddball. Whippets are not overbred, so they normally have a very good temperament. They are lunatics when outside and running around, but couch potatoes in the house. They always have to have the most comfortable spot in the house, even if it means kicking you off the sofa or out of bed, lol!! They are very sweet, smart, and loving. If you want to hear some great stories about whippets, go to msn groups, search for Whippet World, and These Amazing Whippets. Just read the posts, look at the photos, and you'll get a good idea what living with a whippet is like. I am dixiearrow33 on both boards.

Misty sorry I always thought  that was a picture of a rabbit. But c'mon tell me who did you always root for, tweetie bird or sylvester?

 Tweetie bird
^^^ what she said! =)

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