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They Don't Have A Clue

By Lauren - Posted on 19 November 2008

 I read this article a few minutes ago, and realized that the big wigs at these companies (Auto, Banks, Mortgage, name it) don't have a CLUE how to trim fat from their budgets. Private jets? $500.00  bottles of wine?? Luxury resorts??? Those are the things that should be cut first.  It's a no-brainer! This literally made me sick to my stomach.  How in the HE** can they ask US to foot the bill for their oversights and lack of planning for these lean times???? Is it right to ask the American taxpayer to sacrafice yet again, to save their miserable butts, when it is getting harder and harder for us to make ends meet ???  I am outraged!!  I say let them lay in the beds they have made for themselves.  Maybe they should try selling their possessions, like many Americans are having to do to survive.  We don't have anyone bailing us out.  Enough is enough.

But Lauren you're missing the point here.  These things are these people's God given rights, and people like you and I have to sacrifice and live on a budget.  Why do you think all those evangelicals voted for Palin / McCain?  What's the point of "biblical economics"  (Satan must go ROTFLOL when someone uses that term) if you can't support the schemes of the rich. It wasn't so working and the diminishing middle class could get a break?  That would be unrealistic.

I love it when a snarky comment is right on target!  Good one, lep. ;-)

Biblical economics  should start with "render unto Caesar"....etc, IMO.

I totally agree, Lauren!  And, why should the very people that got these companies into trouble be rewarded with anything?  They should be replaced immediately, without a pretty severance package. 

I cannot for the life of me understand how these fat cats can get bonuses in companies that are supposedly losing money.  When I was running a corporate entity, my bonus was based on the bottom-line profits.  No profits, no bonus...period.  Why doesn't that apply here, I wonder.......

I should've realized this sooner, but the administration, led by Paulson (with the unitary executive theorists behind him), were holding a sword of Damocles over our heads. "If you don't give us this unprecedentedly enormous hunk of cash, the ECONOMY'S GONNA TANK AND EVERYTHING YOU VALUE WILL BE GONE! GONE, WE TELLS YA!!!"

And there's no sense crying over every mistake
You just keep on trying 'til you run out of cake.

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