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Battlestar Galactica-Season 4.5

By Chance - Posted on 16 January 2009

Battlestar Galactica

Anyone a fan of this series?  The final 10 episodes begin tonight on Sci-Fi Channel at 9pm CT. 

I've watched the show since the beginning and while I think the poltlines have gotten too convoluted it is, still, a very good show.  I'm just hoping that it ends on a good note. 

The colonial remnant (all that remains of humanity) finally found the long lost colony of Earth at the end of Season 4.0, but it appears to have been nuked into an irradiated wasteland.  Who nuked the planet remains a mystery.  *cue ominous music* 

Was it the native human population?  Was it another faction of Cylons (Bio-synthetic Robots)?  Was it the mysterious Cylon God?  We'll have to see.

Any fans can join me here at 10:03 CT (the episode is running 3 minutes long) for discussion of the show.            

I tried to watch it when it first started, didn't raelly like it as I thought it would be more like stargate, seeing other worlds, I guess I didn't like the stage setting. 
Do you generally like Sci-Fi or just this show?

I like all types of Sci-Fi, Hope.  Star Trek (DS9 was my favorite), Stargate (SG-1 more than Atlantis), BSG, Dr. Who, etc...

BSG is a very dark show (23 billion people died in the pilot), but it is mostly well written.  I hated most of Season 3.5, but I've invested so much time in this show that I just have to see it to the end.  From spoilers that I've read it is going to get much darker before the end and there won't be a happy ending.  That pisses me off, but I've gotten this far I might as well finish it.  

Yes America Can!  Yes America Did!


yes, you might as well. I too Loved SG1 the best, I have most of the boxed sets. I still have to watch the last Atlantis. Did you hear about the new one, Stargate Universe? I like Star Trek the next generation.
Do You watch LOST?

Not anymore.  I watched Season 1, but hated the lack of forward plot movement and answers.  I tried to watch Season 2, but gave up.  

Yes America Can!  Yes America Did!


BSG: Best show on TV IMO. I'm sad it's the last season.

Just when I was all set to give up, that last reveal pulled me right back in. 
Damn you, Ron Moore. 

Best part:  "Frak Earth" painted on the wall.  

I'm seriously giddy right now.  

Yes America Can!  Yes America Did!


Hey Chance, I just read on Gateworld, that Stargate Universe is set to premeire this fall. Also They are starting to work on the first Atlantis movie. Did you see the SG1 movies they made?

I own both of the SG-1 movies on DVD.  They both had good moments.  I think that I liked Continuum over Ark of Truth, solely because I like alternate universe stories.  

I'm kind of bitter when it comes to SG: Atlantis and SG: Universe.  Atlantis was kind of neglected during it's last two seasons, so that they good writers could focus on the SG-1 movies.  Now, that the movies are done the show-runners suddenly realize how horrid Atlantis has gotten and they cancel the show rather than fixing the problems.  However, they decide to create an all new adventure series and use the same people who made Atlantis so awful.  Bah!  I'm not really looking forward to Universe based solely on the casting information that has been released.  I'll probably watch it, though.  Not like I have anything better to do on Friday nights.  

Yes America Can!  Yes America Did!


Here is something totally juvenile:  My girlfriend's husband LOVES watching Battlestar Galactica, and she's not a fan, so she calls is Battlestar Butt Laxative.  Now I can never hear the title of the show without thinking of that. 

Juvenile? maybe. Too funny? yes.
Yeah, we may be 40 year old ladies on the outside, but we are 11 years old on the inside.
I have friends who call it "Fagglestar Gaylactica". Yep, applying homosexuality to everything you don't like, so original.
And so narrowminded and homophobic.  I hope they grow out of it. 

Would be fun to watch, but don't have cable or satellite TV.    Just rabbit ears on my old Emerson w/digital conversion box.

I'm video deprived.

I know this is late, but I LOVE BSG, and was so pleased to see others do as well.

I think it's the best show on TV at the moment, as well.
I wasn't shocked by the Ellen reveal, but am hooked to the end to learn the rest of the story, like what the heck is Starbuck???!!!

If you like Sci-Fi and Battlestar, then check out some novels by Phillip K. Dick-if you haven't already, that is. I can tell by the writing that Ron Moore must have read and been influenced by them at some point.

Just a general heads-up for all Battlestar Galactica and general Sci-Fi fans.  The series finale of BSG begins in 5 minutes at 7pm CDT.  Part 1 is a repeat from last week.  Parts 2 & 3 are new and begin at 8pm CDT.  Part 3 runs an additional 15 minutes so remember to extended your recording devices.  

In 3 hours and 25 minutes my favorite show will all be over.  I remain unspoiled, so I'm hoping that the last five years were worth the investment.  It will be dark, but I'm hoping for light at the end of the tunnel.  Will the human race survive the final apocalypse and live on to do this all over again?  I hope so.   

Chance, I just read that they are going to visit the Show V from the 80.'s Did you ever watch that? I loved it when I was a teenager.

I saw it on tape about 15 years ago.  I was to young for the original mini-series.  I don't remember much of it, but I think the first part was better than the second. 

It sounds like they have a good cast.  Morena Baccarin from Firefly and Stargate SG-1 has been cast in the Diana (Anna) role.  She plays seductive and evil well, so this should be a lot of fun.    

Yeah Chance, I'm sad but there's going to be a tv-movie and a prequel series called "Caprica"


Caprica hasn't actually been picked up for a series has it?  I thought it was just a television mini-series.  The Plan looks awesome, though. 
They are planning a full series but they are starting out with a mini-series to test the waters just like they did with BSG.
HOLY CRAP! It was all in the past!

150,000 Years Later!?!  Somehow, I knew this all along.   

Happy Ending! Happy, wonderful, perfect, cry-out-loud ending!

I cried a lot and I now feel at peace! The investment was worth it.

Thank You Ronald D. Moore and Thank You David Eick!  All resentment from Season 3.5 is forgiven.  

Head-Six and Head-Baltar really being Angels of The One God ("He doesn't like being called that.") was a nice twist.  

I'm a Firefly fan myself!  Does anyone here like Firefly?
I wish they would make a series based on the movie the Time Machine. That would be cool. I love the original movie, the remake was pretty good. Any thoughts?

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