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Happy Ending for Ratchet and Sgt Beberg

By MaryMoo - Posted on 19 January 2009

Over 70,000 (self included) signed a petition to reunite Army Specialist, Sgt Beberg, with Ratchet.  Ratchet was rescued from a burning trash bin and she nursed him back to health and he did the same for her.

Ratchet's rescuer, Army Specialist Gwen Beberg, arrived home on Saturday, and their happy reunion made it clear that the bond that helped each survive Iraq was mutual. "I decided this was an animal I couldn't part from. LINK

Awww!  That really warms my heart.  

Yes America Can!  Yes America Did!


Thanks, MaryMoo, I love to see these stories and it warms my heart when I see a soldier having met an animal friend over in Iraq. I think as much as I do not agree about going there, this is another positive that we can find out of this whole mess. They help each other in times of lonliness over there and alot good stories of the dogs coming to America to live out the rest of their lives w/them. Everytime I read one of these stories, it brings a tear to my eye. Thank you!!!   

I thought about you when I saw this story - both of us having furbabies and all.

I had signed the petition and am glad this has a happy ending.

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