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#RFO Inauguration Party

By Pat - Posted on 20 January 2009

A few of us have gathered on a chat room to watch the inauguration together.  If you would like to join us (and use an IRC client such as mIRC), I've set up the room on  #RFO.

If you do not use a standalone IRC client, has a java app..,com_wrapper/Itemid,416/

Fill in the "NICKNAME" box with the name you want to use.  be aware that the server registers nicks, so if you pick one that is registered, the server will give you a new one..

In the channel box, enter #RFO and LOGIN.


Party is over and I am now there picking up the trash with no one to talk to.
Well, if the trash is white in a trailer, I guess you finally got to get palin  Hee hee hee LOL

 Didn't see any of that,,,hehehehehh

Awwwww, goshdarnit!

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