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What Happened to Iceland?

I like Iceland, just too bad that their credit got frozen.


Hey RRA, did you intend any pun with that statement? I thought you did and I laughed, if not sorry!

In any case, it is a shame how everything is crumbling. I feel for them, really do. 

"I like Iceland, just too bad that their credit got frozen. "

But the people sure erupted!

I wonder if they'll have to evacuate Iceland . . . if they become unable to buy food on world markets, due to insolvency.

BHO4 - Well, I assumed everyone got the punnery.

 And yes lephead, they sure did.


RRA ; I was following up your pun with my pun.  Iceland has 22 active volcanoes.  How is that for a nation of contrasts?  Fire and Ice.

Today the government of Iceland resigned!

I hope they get thru it too.

Well, given its now-volatile state, there's nothing more dangerous to Iceland than a bad apple exploiting a power vacuum-- which is a definite possibility.

And there's no sense crying over every mistake
You just keep on trying 'til you run out of cake.

Well, the Iceland government has collapsed, and it looks like the new PM will be the world's first openly gay national leader.

And in other news, Pentagon is still scared by gays.

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