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Current threads on my Atlanta Braves forum...

By SG8970 - Posted on 03 February 2009

I was bored so I figured why not share the political fun I read about on my other board. If it wasn't for the RFO I would feel the need to respond to this stuff, but it's such a waste of time when I can come here and talk to you guys. If it wasn't for this place, i'd probably get ticked about politics more often.

Representation without taxation 


Democrats don't pay taxes

The decline

Where's my change????

Free abortions with US money

Sigh... I just don't have the energy...

Democrats don't pay taxes

I know waht you mean, sometimes it's just better to ignore stuff like that.
It just bugs the heck out of me because that thought process outnumbers the opposed and everything said as a counter just get brushed off so easily.

What do you expect from people who write "Representation without taxation"?

I say consider the source....this shows that their thinking is at best uneducated, at worst backwards.  ;-)

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