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Class Warfare

By John Martin - Posted on 23 February 2009

To his partial credit, Rick Santelli did speak out against the bankers' bailout last fall (but spare yourself and just listen to the first few minutes, if you must):

In addition to Santelli, there were others on the right saying that we shouldn't bail out anyone who made bad financial decisions.  Of course, this anger was lukewarm, at most.

Why, then, has there been so much more outrage with regard to the mortgage rescue plan than with TARP?  Why has Santelli gotten so much more attention this time around than he did back in September?  I think there are two reasons.  One, the average American can understand the home mortgage crisis a lot more than the banking crisis.  Regular people are able to grasp what it means to lie on your mortgage application.  I don't think anyone yet understands what led to all those banking failures.

Two, it's just a lot easier (and politically advantageous) to attack "regular" people.  The pundits and bloggers know how easy it is to stoke anger against working and middle class folks than it is against the multi-millionaires that we're usually supposed to glorify and emulate.  Most importantly, there are some who want to drive a wedge between working Americans, making many think that it's their neighbor who's the cause of our economic woes, even if bigger fish are actually doing more harm.  This strategy is reminiscent of attacks against "welfare queens" in the 80's, even though government aid to single mothers with children was a sliver of federal spending.  It's classic class warfare, and it shows that people like Santelli are a lot more willing to stir up anger against irresponsible homeowners than they are against those who wield much more ability to harm our financial system.   That, my friends, is just cowardice.

This seems pretty funny to me. Santelli feels threatened by Gibbs, seems to think he will find his house and beat him up. Clearly the reference to where he lives related to being in touch vs. being out of touch.

In regard to class warfare, I think you are on to something. Why do I feel we can expect more of these games rather than efforts to find real solutions? Country first? Where have I heard that?

The pundits and bloggers know how easy it is to stoke anger against working and middle class folks than it is against the multi-millionaires that we're usually supposed to glorify and emulate.

If a Digg thread can reach front page based on a lie that they want to believe, there's no question that a little fudge here, a little twist there can get the public riled up over little more than hearsay-- and that gets the media loads of ad dollars, and it gets fear-tactics politicians votes. We've abandoned the value of learning reasoning at an early age, and settled for keeping our minds off of difficult issues, allowing charlatans to pose as "experts" and "analysts" with us none the wiser. Only reliable information can let us separate the real journalists from the fearmongers.


It's sad that we've reached a point where 'government service' is a dirty word... If we're the greatest country on earth, maybe we can have the greatest government.

Lewis Black

Until everyone stops characterizing people in terms of wealth or lack of (ie 'welfare queens' or greedy wealthy people) these types of generalizations will just continue to perpetuate.



In "class warfare" it was not uncommon for various citizens uprisings during Europe's history for mobs to storm nobles' mansions and slaughter the inhabitants. Now, that is a true "class warfare".

And, just from memory,

Al Franken on class warfare; "what is going on now is not class warfare", then told the story of a medieval village ruled by a despot lord. Eventually, the people stormed his castle, roasted him over a spit, made his family eat the cooked carcass, then burned them all at the stake.

"That, my friend, is class warfare."

John, I think this video should come with a warning that too much Santelli can be hazardous to your mental and emotional
Speaking of which, I just saw him on CNBC a minute or two ago saying they (Gibbs etc?) have their facts wrong. I'm paraphrasing obviously. Anyway, he said he'd be happy to sit down with Gibbs(don't know how serious it was). He also said some nonesense about something he and the host heard both heard that day. I don't know, I just came upon it by accident and now i'm trying to forget... ( :

Let me see here....a trader on the floor of the Chicago exchange has more knowledge than the President and his economic team.  Sure.......uh huh, of course.......;-)

Good luck with that forgetting thing,

Two yahoo articles. If you feel like making yourself nauteous check out some comments from the first one...

Obama to say US will rebuild and emerge stronger

Obama Seeks to ‘Clean Out the System’ With Bank Test

Those comments are hysterical.  After the first eight or so I just stopped because they were barely readable. 
Barely readable is right!  Um, you think we are a little know, smart....for today's party?  lol

Same here.  I noticed comments that were hidden were all people trying to be reasonable.  Here's a response to one of the posts that simply tried to say we should work together to help Obama succeed:

xddy4u... please speak in your native language. we would be better served, if you were to be truthful with us. You are not from the US, are you? I know an American when i read from one. You are NOT that. So either go away and give up the charade or come clean and stat your nationality and what you really believe in

Riiiiiiight... That's someone with whom I share political ideology. not.

This seems to sum up the general line of thought reflected in the comments:

<If people would look at these failed programs the libs created they would see BO and the Liberals in Government and the PRESS helped create this slow down.>

If Obama created all of this in a month, he is one powerful dude!!  lol  

What idiots...... Your right, I'm nauseous.  Can't tell though, if it's from the comments themselves, or from laughing at their stupidity.

It's a disturbingly consistant trend on most Yahoo articles dealing with Obama. Never thought it was possible to make a site like Yahoo look like a hard right website. Yahoo Buzz is strangly dominated like that.....
He simply back peddled under pressure. It was such a laughable situation to watch. You simply can't take this man seriousely. Gibbs only was obviousely makeing a compairson to liveing life styles and the difference's of such.

You're exactly right, jupitor.  But it's so much more sensationalistic to twist it into a threat..especially when you have an assistant to help you twist. 

Every time I see Santelli, I think how horrible it must be for his wife to have to live with that kind of personality. 


Rick Santelli tantrum was programmed ...   It was NOT a spontaneous outburst.

Having Label of "conservative", whatever it means to Republicans, their party just ISN'T !!!! 

At this point in time, I'd LOVE to see the current Republican "Party of NO" go the way of the Whig party... GONE!!!
Do we need a party based on lies ?

There are MANY Libertarians who would rise up to become a strong Second Party!

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