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Two Successful Republicans

By John Martin - Posted on 14 April 2007

Republican Mayor Mike Bloomberg has a 72% approval rating among New Yorkers.

Republican Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has a 60% approval rating among Californians.

What explains their success? Simple-- they are competent and they realize that some things are just not partisan issues anymore. By "competent" I mean that when they get into office, they start solving the problems that all voters want to have solved-- keep people safe, balance budgets, make government more efficient.

Some things that are not partisan issues:

Governments should not go bankrupt

Republicans-- we were so good at convincing the liberals that handing over monthly checks to people who don't work is bad, but we haven't convinced ourselves that handing over money to well-connected businesses and special interest groups is also bad, if not worse. When we have wars going on that have already cost us $1 trillion and will likely cost much more, we should have been cutting spending over the past 6 years. We didn't.

Bloomberg took a New York economy that was devastated after 9/11 and made it as good as ever. While he raised some taxes upon coming into office (in order to balance the City's budget), he's cut some taxes since. Oh... and he also cut the overall size of the City's government. Oh... now everyone in New York loves him.

We shouldn't let a bad environment kill us

Schwarzenegger realizes that some of us should not be given an unlimited ability to foul up everyone's air. There's nothing conservative about throwing chemicals into the sky and having them land on someone else's lawn for them to breathe. I'm sorry. Arnold has also taken the lead to get car manufacturers to make their cars use less gas. There's nothing conservative about being dependent upon one type of car fuel, especially when our country has a limited supply of it, and our enemies pretty much don't.

Elected officials should work for the common good, and not play to their parties' fringes as a strategy to win the next election

Bloomberg has made it known that he does not want to run for President, and doesn't ever want to be governor. Schwarzenegger can't run for any higher office, because our constitution won't let him. Isn't it amazing, then, that these two powerful Republicans still do such a good job serving the people that elected them?

While our party spends its time moaning about Pelosi traveling to Syria, and the Democrats waste our time witchunting the Attorney General, Schwarzenegger and Bloomberg are reaching across party lines and actually getting things done. The result in both New York and in California has been more responsive and more efficient government.

For someone like me who's naturally hostile and suspcious of government, this is a good thing.

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