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Now's a good time for Obama to get that dog.

By John Martin - Posted on 23 March 2009

As David Frum reminded us today, there's a good chance Obama wouldn't sign the AIG tax into law-- if it even gets to that point.  Also discovered today: Laurence Tribe, who taught Obama at Harvard and advised him during the campaign, now says that this proposed tax might be unconstitutional, making this legislation's future even more bleak.  (Is Tribe taking one for the team here?)

The bottom line is that if this bill dies, or if it eventually goes forward to face a veto, a lot of people could be left feeling betrayed and confused.  With 88% of the nation still either "angry" or "bothered" by the bonuses, the President is taking a thankless, principled stand.  I'm hoping this doesn't hurt him with his most loyal supporters, who seem to have been looking for blood on this from the beginning.

This graph's a week old, but I'm sure the numbers would be just about the same today:


The American people want their money back, and I don't think they really care how that happens.  This is obviously what led Eric Cantor and 84 other Republican members of Congress to sign off on the 90% tax, as they've tried squirming ahead of Barack on this issue. 

The good news is that if Obama is able to kill this effort-- it's looking more and more like he will-- Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Michelle Malkin will all remind their audiences that their President respects the rule of law, doesn't sell out to Reid and Pelosi, and has more political courage than 85 House Republicans.


I've been completely "unconnected" today, but unless I really missed something, I doubt if the President will have to use the power of veto.  I seriously doubt if this will get through the Senate.
hey republicans, can i join this conversation? (in a civil manner of course) I'm intersted in the TRUTH. Who wants to talk about Iran?
Hello godsofolymyus, and welcome to RFO.  Of course you can join this, and any, conversation here.  I love that you pointed out that you intend to discuss in a civil manner. ;-)  Start your discussion any time you wish.
 Hi godsofolympus, if youfind more than 5 republicans here please let me know.
I'm not sure why you are still in denial Blakey, but I'm seeing more and more Republicans (yes, in my normal everyday life or on the news) supporting our president, many of whom are discussing topics on this board. Are there many right-wing conservative Republicans here singing praises for Pres. Obama? No. But just because we have a moderate voice (and many in the party seem to prefer that we leave the GOP since we don't fall in line with the daily talking points and philosophy) does not mean we are not Republicans. I'm so sick of the RINO label. I know that some on this site have switched to Democrat or Independent because of such unfair labels and the "leadership" we see. When party leaders continue to give us the message that diverse views are not appreciated and they continue to be the party of no with no alternative plans presented, more of us will probably leave and the true destruction of the party will begin. Is that what you are hoping for Blakey?

Source: NYT

Attorney General Andrew M. Cuomo of New York announced late Monday afternoon that 9 of the top 10 bonus recipients at the American International Group had given back their bonuses.

He also said 15 of the top 20 bonus recipients in A.I.G.’s financial products division had given the money back, for a total that he estimated at about $30 million. “Those bonuses will be returned in full,” Mr. Cuomo said during a conference call with reporters.

The attorney general noted that about 47 percent of $165 million in retention bonuses was awarded to Americans, accounting for nearly $80 million, and he said he expected to get that money back. Mr. Cuomo acknowledged that some bonus recipients declined to give back bonuses, especially those overseas who are outside the jurisdiction of New York State.

He said he did not think it would be in the public interest to release the names of those who gave back their bonuses.

I've preferred this sort of approach from the beginning-- maybe even having Obama meet with these people personally.

The sub-story to what you posted is that Cuomo is widely regarded as a primary challenger to NY Governor Paterson.  If he can pull something like this off, that would make him a pretty pretty formidable foe.

You're right, if Cuomo pulls this off -- he'll be on the good foot.

I read the link to Tribe's argument about the Constitutionality of the law, and that link also referred to another legal scholar who argued that it was Constitutional.

(I only read the synopses, not the actual arguments themselves.)

Interesting. I never thought of the "Bill of Attainder" angle. I still think, like the second legal scholar, that that could be gotten around by tweaking the language appropriately though.

 The good news is that if this effort dies, Rush LimbaughSean Hannity and Michelle Malkin will all remind their audiences that their President respects the rule of law, doesn't sell out to Reid and Pelosi, and has more political courage than 85 House Republicans.

Hahaha! John, you're a very funny guy! They'll just either pretend to be for it before they were against it or they'll find some other reason to criticize his position whether it coincides with theirs or not.

We have precedence (Clinton) after all. 

"For those who plan with audacity and execute with vigor,
progress is the magnificent by product." 

The good news is that if this effort dies, Rush LimbaughSean Hannity and Michelle Malkin will all remind their audiences that their President respects the rule of law, doesn't sell out to Reid and Pelosi, and has more political courage than 85 House Republicans.

Now how to they deal with this one? Obama stands against the tax on principal while Cantor and co. give in to pressure hoping to please the public, benefit from the outrage.

It's also funny that Obama is getting such slack from liberals in the past few days over his bank plan. When Rush starts to quote Krugman to support his cause, he's in deep trouble! It just proves why I liked Obama in the first place. He is thoughtful and moderate on many issues and doesn't seem to let the left or right influence or over-rule his opinions. He is a true leader in every sense of the word.

As far as the dog, I heard they would have the dog around the time Obama returns from his trip at the end of March (I think he goes to Mexico, right?) So very soon...stay tuned! Why do I predict photos of the Obama's with an adorable dog will lift his approval ratings even further : ) Oh, wait the far right will be saying "How could the president welcome a dog into the white house in a time of economic turmoil? First he goes on Leno, then he dares to laugh on 60 minutes, he selfishlessly holds a 2nd news conference and now this! The nerve!"

It might be even worse than that!  I've heard that they'll get the puppy in April after spring break.  Horrors of horrors he might take a spring break vacation with his family!  Could that involve another million dollar home in a warm climate?  Stay tuned for the developing scandal!:)
Yet obama's popularity remains well into the 60% and few believe AIG was his mess. I believe the Tax would be unconstitutional, but than I am not a scholar of the Tax Codes or constitution. I sat patiently throw the congressional hearing with Geithner today, and found it informing indeed. I also came out of it belileveing the congress has a lot of blame on their own shoulders on this, don't ya think? Some didn't have the understanding of the law side of all this and kept repeating wrong information or train of thought with this whole thing. So now we have a discusion rightly so about what is constitutiona an what is not. Now this I am interested in takeing further, indeed. I certainly would enjoy further conversation on it.
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