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Does anyone Know

By HopeForOurFuture - Posted on 10 April 2009

What happened to SeaBee? I haven't seen any posts. I hope he/she is okay.

I wondered the same thing Hope.  

I don't think he's ever gone this long without posting.

I hope he is well.  I admire our WW2 vets so much. 

I have the most unbelieveable respect for WW2 vets especially. That was the kinda war that no one should ever have to fight!

 I will add seabee to my prayer list! I pray that he is doing well.

 Hope, seabee is a he. Women didnt fight in WW2.

Yes, Seabee is definitely a he.

I dont think they should fight now, but thats a chivalry thing, not a massogonists thing.

 Not that I think they belong in the kitchen and all that. But I dont think we should put our women in battlle. We should cherish our women and protect them from harm. Not ask them to defend us from it. I know some womens rights advocates feel that women should be allowed to, and I understand. I think they can do anything men can do, and often times better. I just dont want them in battle. The woman is a beautiful creature, and I think she deserves protection.

 Just an opinion. Not up for debate! Thanks

I hope he is okay, i do remember once he was in the hospital awhile back. I will pray for him to. 

I really hope he is ok.  He was so upset over the direction of the Republican Party and especially the actions of George W. Bush.

He's probably been a Republican longer than anyone at RFO, so I always highly respected his opinion even though we frequently disagreed. 

I'm glad to see others with the same concern as mine about SeaBee.  I've been wondering about him for a while now.  His focus on veterans was - to me - always a welcome one, and his insights helpful, even where he would sometimes provide more information than I felt I could absorb.

Suzi... is there a way to check on who is logging into the site, even if they don't post?  Maybe SeaBee is just lurking.

The last I heard, Seabee was ok.  He became a little disgruntled when someone questioned the wording he used about the Iraq war. 

I miss him too, and wish he would return, and have told him so.

That might have been me...

Either way, if you are in contact, well, I dunno.

I've never had anything but respect for him even when we disagreed and if my words ever became too heated then I apologize. 

Same with another friend that I wish was still here to argue with... 

"For those who plan with audacity and execute with vigor,
progress is the magnificent by product." 

I have a lot of respect for him. I will pray for him too.  I carefully read and enjoyed his posts.

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