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International Incident

By canadian - Posted on 11 April 2009

Sorry, I couldn't resist. It almost belongs in the International Politics forum but it's really just an off topic giggle.

Billy Bob Thornton touring in Canada with his band opening for Willie Nelson manages to insult just about the whole of Canada on our national TV/Radio network.

In just 3 or 4 days, the video has thousands of comments from peed-off Canucks. 

Too bad. I really like his movies but he really did act like a Princess on this one. ;)

LOL! I love Billy bobs movies. The guy himself is more than just "a bit" out there!

 This is classic! I mean, is Billy Bob high? For real! Or is this some Joaquin Phoenix stunt? OR attempt at publicity?

 This is bazaar

Uh... the word is bizarre.

I dunno, db... the slip might be appropriate.  After all, Billy Bob does have a certain flea-market appeal.

Thanks for the spelling lesson. Sometimes I type so fast, I misspell the easiest of words. I was so tired the other night, I had to stop and pause to spell "which". It was hilarious.

 But, bazaar, or bizarre, that whole thing was just strange and weird and almost creepy. But my wife says Billy bob is always creepy!

Dear Blakey, even if you were, and you aren't,  you don't have to worry about being the a$$hole, you'll never approach this.

Looks like the whole tour is off now:


 I could care less about this guy so normally this isn't my kind of story, but I'll make an exception this time because I'm generally not a fan of spreading around jackassedness.  Er... jackassitude?  Jackassocity. 

Whatever you call it, he's got it.  Sorry canadian, you must be sorely disappointed with this news!  :-p

Ummm, maybe Billy Bob could become a regular on RedEye.....

Perhaps Willie Nelson will write a hit song called "You Were Never On My Mind"

And Billy Boob's band can play that Beegees song "I told a joke that made everyone angry, so now the jokes on me."

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