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Seriously, A comedy tour?

By HopeForOurFuture - Posted on 12 April 2009

He is a "comedy tour" all by himself....I hope he cries.


 I will not throw the first punch but I wil certainly throw the last.....President Barack Obama.

Okay, Glenn, when we said you were a joke, we didn't mean you were funny.

Disclaimer: I have no idea what he's like off-camera; he might actually be funny outside the Fox newsroom or with the crew. I also don't know if he did stand-up before, but cracking jokes around the water-cooler is nothing like performing in front of a potentially hostile audience.


It's sad that we've reached a point where 'government service' is a dirty word... If we're the greatest country on earth, maybe we can have the greatest government.

Lewis Black

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