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2 more ships taken by Pirates

By BlakeyV - Posted on 14 April 2009

    Not much I have seen out on it yet, but saw this morning pirates have taken a greek and british cargo ship this morning.  Its time for Obama to use his "connective skills" with other countries and take action on this.  Get allies pull together pirates numbers can be greatly reduced....Any thoughts????
  Maybe a 3rd????

I found this article on CNN this morning about a Greek ship being seized by some d^mn pirates...

"I SO voted for Barack Obama!  10/25/08"

"It's time for Obama to use his "connective skills" with other countries and take action on this."

It's probably reasonable to assume that the Obama administration is already on this in some fashion.  The fact that he's not, at this juncture, making a self-eggrandizing  "Mission Accomplished" or "Operation Oceanic Freedom"  or "America will bring Democracy to the High Seas" showcase out of all this is no reason to assume he is behind step.

One of the many things I really admire about his handling of the piracy hostage crisis was how low key he was both during and after the unfolding of events.

I sometimes fear that Obama, as Bush did, buys into that "transformational man of destiny" horsepoop that emanates from his boosters. And, of course, much of the right wing was trying to humiliate him during the 4 days of negotiations and strategizing because he would not attack right away. But he didn't let them sucker him in.

I was very glad to see some personal hold back here from Obama and the great outcome that resulted from it. 

Now 4
  TomG there was nothing for Obama to do in those 4 days besides give permissin for miltary to take actions they needed to tak..That situation was all them Obama just gave them the Ok to do what they needed to free the captain,.He didn't order them to kill pirates.   Did he do the right things by staying low,,yes.  Now though this i a mater that needs addressed and he needs to be a factor in it.

" there was nothing for Obama to do in those 4 days"

Miraculously, with the exit of  George "mission accomplished, bring it on, Iraqi Freedom, I'm the decider" Bush,  the position of the Presidency has been reduced to "permitter in chief of the Arms Forces."

Nice work...Hannity could not have spun it any better.


Piracy in this area has long been a problem.  Somalia has no government to speak of, and when that happens, violence rules.  The ship that Captain Phillips was on was bringing humanitarian aid to the country when hijacked.  All of the pirates involved were teenagers, who were probably paid fairly well in order to gain millions for the clan leader in charge.  I'm in no way defending the pirates, just pointing out that it is a more complicated issue than just shooting down pirates.  The whole picture needs to be addressed somehow, and I have no idea what the answer is. 

Exactly. And it should not be America's responsibility(and it isn't so far) to combat this. I'm sure the whole world can understand how stretched thin our military is and this pirate problem effects them more than us it seems until more American ships are involved. Quite honestly, I think for once other country's militaries should step up and do something instead of us. Unless they ask us to do something it shouldn't be our problem to "solve". We help out but that's about all we can do right now...
  Agreed other countries need to step up,,but we also wil be invloved.

Good, timely article from Bloomberg.


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