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Amazing Photos

By HopeForOurFuture - Posted on 17 April 2009

At four is the Cat's Eye Nebula, which looks like the eye of disembodied sorcerer Sauron from Lord of the Rings

The Trifid Nebula

Starry Night, so named because it reminded astronomers of the Van Gogh painting

In third place is Nebula NGC 2392, called Eskimo because it looks like a face surrounded by a furry hood. The hood is, in fact, a ring of comet-shaped objects flying away from a dying star

In sixth place is the Cone Nebula. The part pictured here is 2


The universe that we live in is Amazingly well constructed.

I'm so grateful for the Hubble Space Telescope.  It has opened up the Wonders of the Universe to us.  


"Logic clearly dictates that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few."
"Or the one."

- Captain Spock & Admiral James T. Kirk

- Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

Chance, I think you will understand what I am thinking...I find myself looking for the face of my Creator in each photo....

Indeed!  My favorite Hubble picture has always been the Pillars of Creation.


"Logic clearly dictates that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few."
"Or the one."

- Captain Spock & Admiral James T. Kirk

- Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

That's one of my favorites too, along with a dozen or so other nebulas.

I think that that kind of reaction is only natural Suzi. It's hard not to see the face of God in these wonderous pictures.

… Though, I certainly hope that this isn't his hand. ;)

hopefuly NOT the hand of God

(Sorry if this offends anyone. Just had to share my personal favorite from the Hubble images. ^_^ )

Hi Carthen!!  I hope that isn't His hand    My favorite is the Eye of God.  Until I find a new fave among all of these. 
Breathtaking!!  Thanks so much for sharing these, Hope.

I just found this and you can go thru the gallery for desktop pictures, there are so many more!! Suzi,  your welcome. I thought these so cool, I had to share.

Supernova Remnant N 63A Menagerie

Doesn't this one look like a girl with a mask on and a blond pony tail?

It sure does! ;-)

Now, if I can just decide on one photo to use for wallpaper.  It's a joy just browsing the photos on that site.  Thanks again!

Hope these are just beautiful!:)

Thank you so much for sharing....

they are breathe taking~

Mother nature at its best.

How small are we???


 I will not throw the first punch but I wil certainly throw the last.....President Barack Obama.

Wow....that can really make one feel insignificant in the whole scheme of things.  Thanks for sharing that peter.  The music was beautiful too....

But... it's not the size that matters!

<g> I couldn't resist. 

"For those who plan with audacity and execute with vigor,
progress is the magnificent by product." 



That is amazing!

For anyne who enjoys looking at the star, my husband got me one of these a couple of Christmas's ago. It's really cool.


I've no doubt that the upcoming shuttle mission to repair the HST will go off without a hitch.  Afterwards, we'll have many more years of Hubble greatness.

Check out this recent photo from another orbiting telescope, the Chandra X-Ray Observatory:

[Cosmic Hand Reaches for the Light]

(Image explanation here)


eye of god Wallpaper

They call this one the eye of God.

This one has been my favorite...Now I have many more to choose from.
If there are any aliens out there, they're pretty lucky. Imagine if you had all that to look at every night!
I know, sometimes I wish we could travel in space like on Star Trek. Wouldn't that be cool? Unfortuantely, I don't see it happening in this lifetime, maybe the next one.    

Amazing images...That I'm downloading the highest resolution of some without getting the full res images.

Rule 153 (made up number) of knowing an artist:  Never show them a site/ book/ library of reference images and expect to hear from them in the next few days.  :) Though it won't take me that long with my computer specs.

 Can't wait for my tax return so I can download the full res of these Goliath and awe inspiring images :).

slideshow from CNN :

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