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Is he Crazy or Truthful?

I have no idea whether this man is truthful or nuts.

But I will say that is seems to me it would be the utmost in arrogance to believe that in all of creation we are the only planet with life..

I agree Suzi. But I often wonder if the government is hiding stuff for "our own good." I for one would be excited to meet other lifeforms. I think we could handle it.  

The fact that there are likely billions of planets in the universe that are similar to Earth would tell us that there is probably all kinds of life forms out there.

I doubt if we will ever meet them because the laws of physics as we understand them make it impossible for the kind of travel that it would take to reach those planets.   One of the cornerstones of physics is that no matter travels faster than the speed of light.  But who really knows, at one time some thought we would never travel faster than the speed of sound.

I don't believe there is any "alien coverups."  The government could not keep a secret of that magnitude. 

Have you guys ever heard of the Drake Equation?  Essentially it's a theoretical exercise in how to determine the number of advanced civilizations in our galaxy.  It's impossible to actually *solve* the equation because we don't have many of the values to plug into it yet.  But what it does do is give us a framework for how to think about the odds that we're all alone in the universe.

I mention this because one of the variables in it is less obvious than others, like number of planets, number of sun-like stars, etc.  It asks the number of intelligent species that develop advanced technology.  One way of looking at that is to ask what are the odds of the development of technology and not using it to wipe themselves off the planet.  

With advanced technology, so advanced that you can travel to other stars, you can assume a sort of advanced 'maturity.'  I'm not making any sort of philosophical point here, but I think it's safe to say that the one verified example of intelligent life that we know of in the universe, us, has not even reached that point yet.  So this cat and mouse game of aliens coming to Roswell, or flying over Phoenix, or abducting people really makes no sense to me when thought of in that light.  Makes for good TV, but not much more.

I agree with Brandon.  The odds are dead against us being alone in the universe.  But whether that means bacteria and moss (still exciting, IMO) or advanced beings is up in the air.  And whether they've traveled here... well, I say no way.  

And being an astronaut, or from Roswell, does not mean he is more of an expert on the matter!  ;-)

I don't say yay or nay...but would lean towards yay for this reason...we make scientific assessments based on our known factors.  Such as, "Is Planet X capable of supporting life?" is based on what we know as necessary for life.  What if life on Planet X  is dependent on completely different things?  What if oxygen etc, are totally unknown to them, and they have a totally alien (pardon the pun) table of chemical elements?  Just as we are created to exist in what is available on earth, wouldn't they be created to exist in what is available on Planet X?   Would their technology necessarily be the same as ours or could it have gone in another direction entirely?

I know this sounds odd, to say the least, but the point I am trying to make is that we are limited by the extent of our knowledge...vast though that may be. 

I agree w/ you Suzi. Also how do we know that other forms do not live in other dimensions too? Just because we can not see it, does mean it is not so. I would think God with this massive universe he created would have made more than just one species. I know if I was God, I would create all kinds of beings and scatter them througout the universe. 

You and I seem to look at many things from the same perspective, Hope.  We have wondering, curious minds that are open to any possibility,  while others look at things from a scientifically provable aspect, and the possibilities contained therein.  I'm not saying our way is better, nor is theirs.  We just see the world(s) differently.

It goes back to my basic thoughts on all religions.  I think that they are all attempting to explain things that are incomprehensible to the human mind.  I have chosen my path to that understanding, but do not condemn those who take another path, or who choose no path because they cannot find proof. 

  Hey there could be a billion more of us out there having thesame conversation,who knows,,possibility never ends

I wouldnt doubt that life exists elsewhere. How naive we must be to think that all those stars out there (which are just other "suns") dont support a planet very similar, or even exactly, to our Earth.

 But I seriously doubt there is a massive governement cover-up in Roswell. I agree with Brandon. Someone would have already came out and told the press on their "death bed" by now. Some former military officer who "knew" first hand what was going on in area 51 would have spilled his guts for the multi million dollar story. Think about it, if you had proof that Area 51 was in fact hiding secrets of ET life, how much money could you get for it? Money is more powerful than government threats. We would have heard about this much earlier than 60 years later.

 And I also agree with audio. Being an astronaut doesnt make him any more of an expert on the topic. And it sure doesnt make him any less crazy. Might even make him more nuts. Those guys in the early days had to have a little crazy in them to go to space in a rocket!

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