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Some People Just Don't Want to Serve

Wow!  That guy is a real douchebag.  I was summoned for jury duty in February, but I requested an extension until June due to work conflicts.  I'm due to report on June 8th.  Hopefully, it won't last more than a week though.   


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OMG!!! LMAO!!!

I hope he gets nailed for jury duty later on.

I, personally, think he should have been found guilty of something and had to spend time in community service in a "transitional" part of town.

I got called to Jury Duty about month or so before my 20th birthday. They got to me young...

Never got on a Jury though...

First of all...


 I'm guessing this guy might have a dislike of the justice system perhaps because he may have been on the inside of it once or twice?! 

I think I've only gotten a summons for jury duty twice.  I was able to get out of it both times.  I think the first time I was exempted because I was a college student or something, and the second time it was because I was a stay-at-home mom.  I don't really remember.

I've been called four times....the first time, I had moved to another parish (county) and was called for the previous jurisdiction.  The second and fourth times, I reported, but wasn't even interviewed.  The third time, court was cancelled and I didn't have to report.

The only time I would have a problem serving on a jury is if the death penalty could be involved.  I would just be honest about my conflicts, and let the attys decide.

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