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Now that Kim is back.....

By Suzi LeVeaux - Posted on 07 May 2009

...I want to tell y'all about a real, live RFO meet-up.  Kim and her husband passed nearby on their way to JazzFest in NOLA, so we arranged to meet for drinks.  It was wonderful, and the time just flew by.

Kim is as beautiful as she is smart, and as funny as she is kind.  Her hubby is great, very laid back and intelligent, and a real cutie.  They make an adorable couple.

I felt like I had known them both forever, the conversation flowed that easily, with zero awkward pauses.  Two hours went by as if it were 20 minutes.  

I waited to post this until I saw Kim posting again, because I didn't want to discuss her when she wasn't here. ;-)   Kim, it was great meeting you and your hubby, and I can't wait to see y'all again.  I hope you had a great time with family and at JazzFest.   Did y'all get any of the bad rains?

I hope I get the opportunity to meet other RFOers along the way.   This was a great experience!

I bet Blakey is as beautiful as he is smart....

I couldn't resist. ( :

When are you going to meet Marshill?

That's awesome!  I would love have some conversations with Kim myself and definitely drinks!!

Do people really drink Hurricanes?  Or is this purely marketing from Pat O's?

I drank a Hurricane at Pat O'Briens about 20 years ago.

I go to NOLA several times a year, and haven't had a hurricane in over 20 years.  At JazzFest, it's mostly beer.  They have frozen rum punch which is scrumptious, but I limit those to one per Festival b/c they are STRONG.  Being buzzed in the NOLA heat really isn't much fun.

The feeling's mutual, Mary.  I'd love to meet for drinks and chat with you, too! 


Yes, people really drink Hurricanes, but it's mostly the tourists. (You get to keep the glass;-)  As a matter of fact, the lines are usually so long to get into Pat O's, that people from the area seldom go there, although it is a fun and funky place. ;-)

Awwwww!!!! How nice, Suzi! It was wonderful to meet you as well.  Hubby enjoyed meeting you, too. Even though he's not an RFO-er (as I told Suzi, we have a "mixed" marriage -- he's a Democrat), he felt right at home in the discussion.  Of course, the 3 of us talked about stuff outside of politics as well.

Our time at JazzFest was incredible, as always.  We had one big rain shower on Sunday; however, we had camped out in the Blues Tent, so we stayed dry the whole time with no worries.  There can't be any worries when you're listening to Luther Kent!!!

I wish the world knew what an incredible time NOLA JazzFest is... we spend 4 days there, and never listen to any jazz music. There's blues, zydeco, alt rock, and of course the headliners.  This year's Saturday headliner was Bon Jovi... gotta say he's still got it for an "old" guy! He and his band gave over a million toward Katrina funds, AND they personally built over 20 houses in one of the hardest-hit areas. 

Back to RFO: I feel like I know everyone here, even though we've only met virtually.  It was wonderful to visit with Suzi -- and the bloody marys were tasty!


I knew y'all would have a great time!  They said the crowds were back to pre-Katrina levels, which is wonderful.  Of course, calling Bon Jovi an "old guy" makes me feel ancient.  lol

Did you see any of the Neville's?

AND...Did y'all get stuck in horrible traffic on I-12, or were you slightly ahead of it?


Didn't see the Nevilles this time around.  We wanted to close out the Fest in the blues tent because Buddy Guy was the closer -- He was awesome.  Plus, because of the rain, we couldn't have left the tent for the Nevilles anyway... we were packed like sardines. 

Yes, we got stuck in the traffic, but it really wasn't much different than what we're used to here in H-town!  No worries....


How neat!

Both on the meetup and the Jazzfestival!

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