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Obama meets with Sharpton, Bloomberg, Gingrich

By John Martin - Posted on 07 May 2009

Today's topic was education reform.  You'd be hard pressed to find a more diverse group of political leaders than these three invitees: 


I am astounded that Gingrich and Sharpton are allowed in the same room together. I would imagine there is something in each of their contracts to protect them from such a predicament.

 To be serious; Just one more display at Obama's desire to address issues on a bi-partisan plane. Yet another occasion where the word pragmatic comes to mind in reference to our leader.

That is a strange combination. It just proves again that Pres. Obama is sincere in wanting to be bi-partisan and include the other side, even the likes of Gingrich, in the fold. I recall reading recently that Obama had a meeting with Cantor and others in the GOP about trying to save money and, knowing they were looking for entitlement cuts, put a concession on the table about social security-something most Dem's would not be happy about but a goodwill gesture to show he was serious-and asked Cantor "OK what do you have to put on the table for me?" And Cantor could not offer anything. They were either shocked by Obama's gesture, unprepared with ideas, or just plain sticking to the "we don't compromise" plan. Until that turns around, we will continue to see the Republicans painted in a negative light.

On another note, I noticed recently that Al Sharpton lost alot of weight. Does anyone know if this was a diet? He is not ill, is he? I was never a fan of him but I saw a recent interview on the Ed show and was quite impressed. It's kind of like me suddenly having respect for Hillary-a little awkward : )


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