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Site Maintenance

By Golf11 - Posted on 18 June 2009

The site will be down for service tomorrow between the hours of 10PM-4AM; hopefully we can all find a substitute distraction for that brief period. :)

After this week - I plan on spending part of that time drinking ....heavily.  Gah!  What a week. 

Hope - I did finish The Expected One and will be picking up The Book of Love tomorrow! 

Will the recent spam be cleaned up?  I thought I was going crazy when I say all those old posts up - LOL!

If you do not know how to ask the right question, you discover nothing. W. Edwards Deming

It's done Mary....I signed on later than normal today.  He was a busy bee, wasn't he?  lol
Me too!  I'm not an expert in Turkish, so I had no idea what they were advertising.  Last time it was porn.
Be careful clicking on spammers links....just a word to the wise.



Hey Suzi, are you on Facebook? or did you just not tell us you live in Sweden?  I have to say I'm still kind of rusty about twitter.

Huh?  Sweden?  I'm on Facebook, just not as Suzi, although I am in the process of setting up a Suzi

If you will follow me on Twitter (which I am just learning too) I'll send you a private message.  I sent out a tweet asking you to do that, but didn't think about the fact that if you aren't following me, you wouldn't see it.  lol

I've done better on Facebook, found lots of people I knew growing up.  Not real sure about Twitter, I thought I went in and added you and Alina, but I'm not sure????

I haven't checked this morning, but I'll do that in a bit.

EDIT...lep, I'm not showing you as following me on twitter.  Try again


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