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Why Obama?

By Richard - Posted on 17 April 2007

Someone asked me why anyone but hardcore democrats would support Barack Obama for president. Let's look at the reasons:

Obama has done the refreshing thing of sincerely conveying that he would like to be a president for ALL of us. Not just for his special little base, or to "get back at those guys", or any of the other partisan lingo that has depressed so many millions of us, this past decade.

Sure, many presidential candidates imply that they will work for the whole country's best interest, so how can we tell if Obama actually means it ? Because in his 10 years as a senate legislator (8 in state, 2 in federal), he has been one of the most groundbreakingly effective cross-aisle mediators in our time. In the 2 years he was in majority in his state senate, he sponsored 780 bills, and 280 of those were signed into law. In his first year as U.S. Senator, Obama held 39 town hall meetings throughout Illinois, and in senate, sponsored 152 bills and resolutions, and cosponsored 427 more. He has a proven track record on public display of working to reach solutions that all sides can support, or at least accept as well-intended leadership.

One example in state senate, was death penalty reform. He supported the death penalty in exceptional circumstances, but wanted all interrogations to be videotaped. Initially viewed as highly controversial, Senator Obama listened to all sides of the debate, incorporated ideas from many individuals, and the result was a bill that passed the Senate 58-0, and was signed into law by a governor who originally opposed Senator Obama's bill.

In federal senate, Obama worked with republican senator Lugar to author and expand a program to locate and dismantle stray Russian WMD's including shoulder fired missiles and antipersonnel mines that were left over from the cold war after the disbanding of the USSR. This was sensible, low cost, and actually resulted in an America safer from terrorism. Some terrorists or rogue nation could have gotten those weapons. So don't let anyone tell you Obama isn't effective in the war for security against terrorism.

Around 50% elected Bush. Around 30% currently approve. That means that there are 20% that are patriotic republican voting Americans who are tired of partisan bickering, and want a leader who is perceived to be non-partisan. Obama is sufficiently patriotic and sincere. He has no scandals, no indictments coming from shady business deals, no ties to greedy private interests, nothing to really tie up the media's time with things other than making our country unified and great. Who the heck wouldn't want to vote for that?

There is no red America, there is no blue America, there is the United States of America. - Barack Obama.
I'm a conservative in morals and fiscal matters. Obama satisfies neither of these for me. He's all talk.
I'm a conservative in morals and fiscal matters. Obama satisfies neither of these for me. He's all talk.
Obama's all talk. I'm a fiscal and moral conservative, and he satisfies neither of these categories for me.
There's nothing conservative about Obama. What's with you guys? You never were real republicans, or else you just don't have very strong convictions.

Enough already. Sheesh.

"Obama's not conservative." There's little conservative about the Republicans anymore, either. You're a fiscal conservative? Good for you. The options are Democrats (tax and spend) or Republicans (spend and spend). Let us know what you decide.



The options are Democrats (tax and spend) or Republicans (spend and spend). Let us know what you decide.

Barbara, this is great!!!!  Mind if I quote you??

Ha! Suzi, don't know how I missed your request for authorized use of Barbara's copyrighted material two months back.

I'll let you borrow it...but just this once!!! And don't forget to bring it back when you're done with it!

Anonymous, I suppose Bush is on your pedestal as the benchmark for fiscal responsibility (snicker), but you're overlooking the best definition of conversative:  Marked by moderation or caution; marked by or relating to traditional norms of taste, elegance, style, or manners. 

So Obama wins hands-down.  McCain's not even in the same universe.  

I have a consistent record of conservative choices in all races. I have been voting since 1984 and have been following politics far longer than that. The current elected federal republicans are conservative only on abortion, marriage and illegal immigration. Meanwhile, they spend our tax money, world image and the blood of our children like we have endless supplies of all three and no cares about how they are being squandered.

So there is no good conservative choice and there is a charismatic, visionary man with whom I also don't agree fully, but with whom I share a spirit of the possible and of hope. In the end, Barack Obama can help pull our country together and to help heal the greatest stain on our collective American soul.

Vote for your "conservative" choice if you like, and call me a traitor or a "fake" republican if that is your want, but I will vote for Mr. Obama and I will work to make this a better country to live in and to love.

Good luck to us all.

Thank you, Aaron. Well said.

here, here, Aaron.  I resent the notion that b/c I am willing not just to talk about change in Washington, but to use my vote to demand change that anyone would say I don't have strong convictions.  I never completely agreed with so call "conservatives" either, but I voted for them based on the issues and my convictions... and my belief in their character I feel that those conservatives failed me, so when I look at the issues, no, I don't agree with everything on Obama's platform, but then I don't agree with everything on McCain's. 


The so called reasons to vote for Obama are actually reasons to vote for McCain. 

 A different kind of politician?  Someone who has a proven track record of courageously reaching accross the aisle to get things done?  Umm... That would be John McCain.

 A person who truly honestly wants to do something about earmarks?  Umm.. That would be John McCain.

A person who can bring the country together and represent all of us not just special interests?  Umm... That would be John McCain.

 A person who says we can change the world?  That would be John McCain.  Obama says we can change the world, but he doesn't think we can change Iraq.  Or his idea of changing Iraq is America's unconditional surrender.  NOT ON MY WATCH!!!!

Robbob, I'll give you the one on earmarks, otherwise, we have to disagree.

Someone who has lobbyists as his close friends and in his campaign?  Ummm, John McCain.

Someone who has people fired anywhere in his state, because they dare to question him?  Ummm, John McCain.

Someone whose hairtrigger temper I don't care to have any where near that red button?  Ummm, John McCain.

Someone who sold his very soul for the far right wing vote?  Ummm, John McCain.

Someone who wants to give us more years of a war that he wanted to start long before 9/11?  Ummm, John McCain.

As for Iraq, we really don't have a right to change them.  Only they have that right.  There is a huge difference between surrender, and butting out!  And I hate to tell you this, but your watch is almost over, as is that of all the hawks and warmongers in Washington.  Thank heavens.

Rob, you really need to read Quindlen's article this week about McCain. It sounds like you haven't been following him closely enough to watch him shape-shift into your average run-of-the-mill politician. Everything you said about McCain is's just a year out-of-date.

ps. As far as special interest goes, McCain has twice as many lobbyist fundraisers as any other candidate.

It's funny - in all my time here this is the first spirited defense of McCain I've read.

The Christian right prays for his prompt incapicitation so Palin can step up to the plate, the economic experts lament his muddling of the crisis... it seems those voting for McCain, actually voting for McCain and not Palin, is a rare bird indeed.


I stand firm on my conviction to vote for Sen. Obama, he is the only that offers true change and 71 year old John McCain is just another typical "RICH" politician that is incredibly out of touch with Americans especially the youth.  Plus on moral issues, he is one to talk when he leaves his wife & 4 kids and shortly after marries a 25 year old & he is 43 yrs old, classic.  


What a great republican and conservative - NOT!   John is a liberal too and his ex-wife has said that he said he wanted to be young again and needed a change, so he left her & their kids and found the lovely 25 yr old.

I will compromise on some of my beliefs because  Obama is the only choice, plus I am a moderate conservative so this works out well for me.

Yes we can, Yes he will!



As some wise man once said, don't hate the player, hate the game!  lol 

 you wrote: "Plus on moral issues, he is one to talk when he leaves his wife & 4 kids and shortly after marries a 25 year old & he is 43 yrs old, classic."  

Sorry robbob, that doesn't wash.  If it weren't for the "players" (good choice of words)  there wouldn't be any game.  I detested it in Clinton, and therefore cannot overlook it just because it is a Republican.  Cheating is cheating.
Rev. Wright threw your boy under the bus in his Moyers interview!  "He's a politician.  He'll say what he has to say as a politician"  OMFG!!  With friends like that, he doesn't need enemies!  LMAO!
robbob, you formed your opinion before the interview aired.  You can't make an informed judgement on the snippets given on the news channels.  If you watched the whole interview tonight, you saw that those "politician" comments were taken out of context.  It seems to me that they both (Obama and Wright) acknowledge that they have a view of the world that comes from different perspectives.  That of a politician (one in politics) and that of a minister. 


Are you a Republican for Obama?

Nonetheless, please read the great comments from Izzy


The media asked Obama about the Wright interview-specifically the "politician" segment (some media have been spinning that Wright is throwing Obama under the bus)- and Obama basically said (I'm paraphrasing) "I've condemned his harshest comments and he may not agree with me but I've stated my thoughts many times and he has every right to his opinion." Then I realized this interview may not be such a bad thing/certainly not Obama's response.

We are seeing that Obama and Wright as not as buddy/buddy or philosophy aligned, as has been reported. Yes-they respect each other. But look how different their views are.This may put to rest the notion that they think alike. 




Yes, I saw that clip too earlier today and dare I quote hrc, she said "the tide is turning" but interesting that it seems to be favoring Obama; appears to be the case based on the reporting today - it may be that Obama is going to be allright!
***Cautiously optimistic***
I was surprised that Rev Wright did not praise Sen. Obama's speech at all, (odd), however, confirms they are not as "tight" and have separate views.  Or better said as Izzy wrote: not " philosophy aligned" or politically aligned.
And more good news "major fundraiser for Hillary Clinton, former Amb. to Chile Gabriel Guerra-Mondragon is leaving the campaign to join up Barack Obama's campaign". Appointed Amb. to Chile by Pres. Clinton in '94 and served until '98.
Viva Obama! Si se puede - Yes we can, Yes he will!


Dana, do you know what I thought when I heard what HRC said about "the tide is turning"?  I thought, Yep, and the tide always turns again and goes right back out.  ;-)

Rob Bob35,

I reiterate: 71 year old John McCain is just another typical "RICH" politician that is incredibly out of touch with Americans especially with younger folks (late 30's).   Plus on moral issues, he is one to talk when he leaves his wife & 4 kids and shortly after marries a 25 year old when he is 43 yrs old, classic.  


What a great republican and conservative - NOT!  

John is a liberal too and his ex-wife has said that he said he wanted to be young again and needed a change, so he left her & their kids and found the lovely 25 yr old.

It is time to have a President (Sen. Obama) who is more of my generation late 30's early 40's and can motivate all of America. 

The things you're saying is right. But if you look at Mccain. Then you will see that he have ussed the same speech in other states. And it have been proved. That 8 times in a row he have been saying the same. So why Mccain ? He's not worth being a president. Mr. Obama is. And he will be the president. So whatever you are saying about Mccain. I will stand in for Obama. 'cus he's is real. And Mccain isn't.

Obama <3

I am a strong republican, but I would be open for an African American president even if he was a democrat.  I just do not understand why Obama.  Isn't our country fighting a war against Muslims?? And people are wanting to elect a president who is possibly a Muslim??? I just do not understand.  Also, shouldn't a president show patriotism for his country?? I definetly agree that a president should. Obama will not even put his hand on his heart to say the pledge of allegiance.  His church if you would call it a church does not support our country.  Will someone please explain to me why Obama???

You've drunk the kool aid of right wing hate radio nuts.  The only way to come out of your coma is to use intellect and courage.

Additionally, there is a website called Media Matters, and they have documented over 1,191 falsehoods uttered by right wing hate media radio shows and other actual media sources.  If belonging / going to a United Church of Christ (NOTE that last word) means you are a Muslim, there's not much I can say to retort that.  But I went to the types of churches Palin still attends for 20 years, and I'm glad that does not mean I have to vote for the "Republican whack job." 

I'm so tired of the "Obama is a Muslim" poo-poo, but I'm compelled to clear something up on behalf of some good people I know.  We're fighting a war against terrorism, not Muslims.  Are all Muslims terrorists?  Do you actually know any Muslims?  This isn't the Crusades.  But don't despair, Stephanie.  All is not lost. It's nothing an education and a passport can't fix. 

Change is good.  Especially personal change.  Open your mind and your heart will follow.

For the umpteenth time, Barack Obama is NOT a Muslim.  However, to paraphrase the words of General Colin Powell, so what if he was?  I encourage you to go to which is a spiritual website dedicated to assist those who wish to explore their own faith or to explore other faiths in an unbiased manner as possible.  I encourage you to click here and learn the basics of what mainstream Muslims believe and understand the difference between them and the radical fundamentalist Muslims who threaten not only those of us on the West, but also peace-loving Muslims in the Middle East and Asia.  I can understand your fear of Muslims since virtually everything you hear about them in the press is negative and we don't teach about their faith objectively in our school system.  I don't expect you or anyone else to convert to Islam, but at least, understand the basics of what they're about before you criticize them.
Stephanie, I find it very sad that at this stage of the game, you still believe the fwd fwd email smears.  Haven't you even attempted to find out the truth for yourself?  It's very easy to find.  Start with to dispel rumor, the look into Obama for yourself.  Stop believing the hate talk and inform yourself.  For your own good, it's a good thing to be an educated and informed voter.  There are so many untruths in your post that I feel it's useless to attempt to address them.  You won't believe me anyway.  Start looking for the truth, and you will find it.  Then base you vote on that, even if you still support McCain.

People say why Obama?  Yet no one has answered why McCain.

FYI-I also don't place my hand over my heart during the pledge of allegiance.  I guess I am not patriotic either, but it's my RIGHT not to if I don't want.  Have you noticed that McCain NEVER wears a flag pin.

I know alot of muslims. And like everyone is tired of hearing people telling that all muslims are terrorists. No they <edit> aren't . And it pisses me off. So Get moving.Obama doesn't stand in for war. He wants to make USA a better country. But it's hard when all of you think that it's important to go on with the war. So why aren't we just stopping ? That's my question. It will end with a new world war if we are keep sending more and more of our young boys and girls down there. More will die. And i don't see any reason to keep doing that. Sorry to tell. But Obama will win.

I know alot of muslims. And like everyone is tired of hearing people telling that all muslims are terrorists.

You are preaching to the choir about this one.  My step father is a Muslim, and one of the most peaceful ppl I many of the Muslims I know and grew up around.


If one looks at how Obama raises his family, it is definetly in a conservative framework.  The question as to whether or not he's conservative in relations to his policies and his style of governing, that of course waits to be seen.  However, if you look to his past legislative accomplishments, they seem to be a in a liberal style, but mostly on conservative issues.  Yes, it's true, a politician can never really be trusted, but as a conservative republican who voted for obama and his want to unify us together, and having Joe Biden as a V.P., got my vote.

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