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Newsblarg looking for a "Conservative" writer

By Frances Buckley - Posted on 12 September 2009

This was on Clayton Makepeace's daily newsletter today for his copy writing business:

Can YOU write in a Conservative voice?  If so, we'd like to talk to you about a unique full-time Staff Writer position with our sister-site,  Go ahead and send a writing sample and your resume to:


Think they'd want one of us? John? TCharp? or maybe Brandon? : )

I can't resist sharing job news with friends so there you are.


- klaf

Of course, I had to visit the NewsBlarg site, and found a link on the front page to a story that stated:

The U.S. Census Bureau has recently released figures that show there were more people living below the poverty line at the end of 2008 than there had been at any point in the preceding 11 years.

A new report released this morning showed that the poverty rate among Americans jumped in 2008 to 13.2 percent, up from 2007's figure of 12.5 percent. The current poverty threshold is around $22,000 for a family of four. The 13.2 percent figure translates into 39.8 million Americans.

The report also said that median wages dropped last year by about 3.6 percent to $50,303 and that the number of uninsured Americans rose to 46.3 million. The new figures underscore the effects of the recession that hit the U.S. economy in 2008, but some economists feel these numbers do not accurately quantify the devastation the recession has wreaked on lower-income citizens.

Judging from the rest of the stories on the site, my guess is that this is supposed to reflect badly on the current administration.  Don't these people realize, or expect readers to realize, that this fall took place on Bush's watch? 

Maybe I should apply for that job....I can help their cause this way too. ;-D



Want a letter of recommendation?!

Oh, it would be HYSTERICAL to get one of us in there - Republican credentials and "other" values ... lol - maybe this IS a job for Brandon. He's into the media - they'd probably make him King. ; >

 Can you imagine the fake stories we could run? If you have a headline they agree with you could probably sneak in all kinds of things in the body of the article - like "Sarah Palin has "good" twin locked in attic" or something.


- formerly klaf


That was a carbonated beverage that went spewing out my nostril at the "good twin locked in the attic" comment!

It would be so much fun!!  LOL

Actually, Brandon would probably be a good person for the job.  He is a true conservative, writes well, but is not a wing nut. 

Hmmmmm, Brandon??

If it paid well enough to give up my regular job......

Brandon - isn't the "cause" worth more than money? ; >


- formerly klaf

"isn't the "cause" worth more than money?"

I guess so, but conservative politics is probably about 3rd or 4th on my lists of interests.

I'm much much of a music collector geek and broadcasting geek than I am a political geek. Without money, I couldn't pursue those other interests.

And TV Guide collector geek...;-)

"And TV Guide collector geek"

Definitely, I'd much rather complete my collection of vintage TV Guides than defend right wing politics.   I'm afraid I wouldn't be the right person to write for newsblarg.

Conservative politics is at least 4th on my list.  Maybe lower, tomorrow I'm having lunch with a guy who is writing a book about the history of professional wrestling.

Brandon - my crush on your is coming back! You a Mad Men fan?


- formerly klaf

Everyone tells me I would love Mad Men, but I've never seen it.  I have a tendency not to get into a tv show if I missed the first season which is why I never watched Lost or 24.

My nephew is going to loan me the first season of Mad Men on DVD so I can get caught up. 

Seems like the kind of "conservative" they are looking for is the Hannity type. That can be an easy thing to fake because it's the less factual kind of writer that uses logic and reasoning (David Brooks) and it's more: attack the other side with everything you've got. Which means you can act like a sort of crazy illogical ranter (from a moderate's standpoint) and you're actually acting like a well balanced writer for them. 

Maybe Neocon Steve should apply. ( :

Neocon Steve!!  Perfect....he can go in, win their trust, and then.........

Brandon doesn't match the Hannity type description, so I guess it's a good thing he turned down the job.

Brandon might actually be too low key and reasonable for them as far continuing the attack, attack, attack mode. Then again, I haven't looked at their website that extensively so maybe i'm judging them wrong. It just seems like another site dedicated less to conservative news and opinion and more of a 'fighting against the liberals' kind of thing.

That's why I (tongue in cheek) suggested Brandon.  He's conservative, but not a wing nut. 

I think I need to clarify...Brandon is a conservative in the old sense of the word.  That's another word that has gotten twisted beyond recognition lately.

No clarifying necessary. I know what you meant and your intentions. It's ok sista... (as blakey would say). ( :

Can you IMAGINE a full time job doing that??? What would that DO to a person? Oh, yeah, look at Glenn Beck ...



- formerly klaf

It's funny that all socialists always use Fox News as a target.  It must really piss you all off that there is one news organization that DOESN'T kiss the Commander in Thief's ass every single day.

As for the Hannity type that doesn't use "logic or reasoning", would you include reporters from the New York Times in that description, especially since they actually had someone (Jayson Blair) there making stuff up for stories?  You all here should know about fraud. "Republicans for Obama". You aren't fooling anyone.

And you should also know about "crazy illogical" ranting. Olbermann is probably your hero.  And that dude from MSNBC, what's his name..oh, that's right...Rachel Maddow. He's also a lunatic.

Keep up the great work here, it's good for lots of laughs.



And you should also know about "crazy illogical" ranting. Olbermann is probably your hero.  And that dude from MSNBC, what's his name..oh, that's right...Rachel Maddow. He's also a lunatic. Doesn't take long for your true colors to shine. Could not get through a single post without some gay bashing? I guess you are fine that one of our brave soldiers was booed at the GOP debate-simply because he was gay-while every single GOP candidate (including "liberals" like Huntsman and Romney) stood silent. If this is what my party has lowered itself to-booing soldiers who have put their lives on the line-I want no part of it. Obviously, you see no shame in it, Vikt.

"Brandon is a conservative in the old sense of the word"

Correct, my inspiration is Russell Kirk's "The Conservative Mind" and Barry Goldwater's "Conscience of A Conservative" and the writings of the 18th Century political philosopher Edmund Burke.

My guess is that 90% of the town hall protestors have never heard of Kirk or Burke. That's no crime, but to truly understand conservatism in the old sense of the word, an understanding of both is essential. 

"No passion so effectually robs the mind of all it powers of acting and reasoning as fear"

So what are your feelings about how far away we, as a party, have moved from this?

"No passion so effectually robs the mind of all it powers of acting and reasoning as fear"

Amazing how something Burke wrote in 1756 is still so true today. 

Well, some truths stand the test of time.  Socrates wrote about the ills of youth in 399 B.C., and it reads as if it were written this morning.

The thing that bothers me deeply is that I see the Republican party using this truth as a method of gaining and maintaining control.  I see this truth in the teabaggers and rhetoric of talk show hosts.   All are either being guided by fear, or deliberately installing it.  A truth such as this should give us wisdom and warning, not be abused for power.

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