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What the ____???

If it is real, and if aliens are also real, is it any wonder they stay away from us:


"Look, something different. AAHHHHHHH! BASH IT!" 

It is so strange though, did you see that one of the Montauk Monster a while back? What's going on?
Oh and you are so right. I am a big believer in "other lifeforms" out there. And it is no wonder that they stay away, from wherever they me be loooking at our world, they must think us "Crazy".

I smell a hoax just like with the montauk thing and the bigfoot body recently. I am a person that likes the idea of mystery and don't disbelieve everything outright (like who doesn't one day hope the Lochness monster is real, even though it most likely isn't? lol) I'm  one to question the unusual things like UFOs and believe that it's impossible we are alone in the universe, but I smell a hoax. Lets add to that the Chupacabra thing, last I checked didn't they actually find some kind of wild dog type animal they thought acted like a chupacabra myths? I remember a video and some stories...

EDIT: It does unusually look like a hairless sloth. It's pretty creepy. lol But won't it walk extremely slow to scare someone into violence? Well, if it was hairless and slow moving, it would be freakin' creepy. 

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