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Health Care Reform Poll

My thoughts on one of the reasons the polls have went this way is people maybe dont no longer know what they are even supporting? What bill? Baucus Bill? Presidents bill? Do we even know what is in the presidents one?  President has one then Baucus made a new one?  Baucus bill came out after the presidents speech, right??

I am going to break my vow not to answer because you seem to be trying with a good dialogue. I hope I am not sorry.

Yes, some of it probably is what you stated, along with other variables. Some of these have been stated on other threads by different posters. Such as how the questions are posed, who they are sampling and sometimes the Polls are left leaning or right leaning. I have heard others on here say that Rasmussen leans right, I don't have proof of that because it is something that others have said, so that would be hearsay.

Hope that answers your question.   

Rasmussen had it up 7 or 8 points in support and now it's all but suddenly dissipated? There's must be some random noise in their data. Remember that in the polls that have been taken, most people support the policies in the proposals, when explained to them.
Misty, for the sake of comparison, can you post (on this thread) what the other polls are showing?  I would really like to know how the plan for reform is being received across the country.

You go it GF. 

Recent polls:

National Survey The Economist 9/13-15; 1,000 adults

Overall, given what you know about them, do you support or oppose the proposed changes to the health care system being developed by Congress and the Obama administration?   52% Support, 48% Oppose

Pew Research Center 9/10-15; 1,006 adults

As of right now, do you generally favor or generally oppose the health care proposals being discussed in Congress?  42% Favor, 44% Oppose

Bloomberg 9/10-14; 1,004 adults

In general, do you favor or oppose President Obama's plan for health care reform?  48% Favor, 42% Oppose

CNN 9/11-13 1,012 adults

From everything you have heard or read so far, do you favor or oppose Barack Obama's plan to reform health care?  51% Favor, 46% Oppose

Thanks, I knew I could count on you!! ;-)

Interesting figures...most of which disagree with Rasmussen.  But the most interesting thing is how these results are different for the polling that shows over 70% favor reform and the public option. 

I wonder if it is that the bills, as proposed right now, don't measure up to the reform that most folks feel is needed?  I'd be interested in everyone's thoughts on the differences.

Suzi what is the difference from the Presidents Bill to the Baucus Bill? Wasnt the Presidents bill the one he was talking about in his speech that sounded glorious? Then along comes the baucus bill..what gives?  And what exactly is the Presidents one?
Ummm, Blakey, that's just it.  The President doesn't have a bill.  Writing bills is the job of Congress.
Ok thats what I am getting to.  When Obama gave his speech was he not saying "my plan" . Didnt he say he had a health care plan and a bill that would gaurentee everyone except illegals?Reduce cost, etc etc and wouldnt effect the deficit and no one would pay anymore than now? Was he mis speaking so to speak?  If that is "his" bill what is it? Why later did Baucus come out with one after Obama done had "his" plan that could do all this.  I am just wondering what that reasoning is. If you dont know thats fine.

To further amplify Suzi statement Blakey, the president has a legislative agenda or program if you will. He usually comes to office saying I want to do xyz. He works with the committees responsible for the various issues important to him who then craft and compose a bill that has many of his ideas but is tempered with the realities of getting 535 people to agree and vote on it.

Prior to FDR the President rarely ventured into congressional legislative space and the president spoke in broad terms about what they wanted Congress to do to accomplish his goals and and it was up to Congress to initiate and translate the presidents ideas on its own as it is their constitutional duty.

Golf11, NYC
Vero Possumus

Golfie explained the civics of it very well. Pay attention, there may be a test.

 The President has a plan or agenda, with is totally different than a bill.  The two terms are NOT interchangeable. So yes, he does have that plan, but no, he does not have such a bill.

The Finance Committee bill, which was made public by Baucus, was in progress for weeks...long before the President addressed the Joint Session.  You make it sound like after the speech, Baucus wrote up what Obama said to do, which is far from the truth.  They didn't work in tandem, as is obvious from the content of that bill.   In actuality, the Finance Committee (Baucus) bill is almost a gift to the insurance companies, and bears very little resemblance to the President's plan.

 Ok the why was his released after the president spoke of his?  I didnt figure he{Baucus} wrote it in a day. My point is I believe people are very unsure of what they are supporting when polled. You kinda at all see what I'm saying.  And what exactly is in the Presidents plan? Have a link to see how it all may work?

And what exactly is in the Presidents plan?


thanks hope
No  problem. Your welcome.
 Be at IRC if you wanna stop by in the next little while.

 <Ok the why was his released after the president spoke of his? >

Blakey, perhaps it would be helpful for you if you brushed up on how our government works, and how a bill actually comes into being, step by step. 

I'm not saying this to be in any way insulting.  We all forget our basic civics classes over time, and look at just the result instead of the process.  I've had to refresh/relearn a lot myself in order to be able to intelligently discuss what is happening in Washington. 

Thanks so much, CTM.  I tried to remember the name of that program when I was writing my post, but just couldn't think of it. ;-)

I love Schoolhouse Rock. Do they still show it on TV? If not they should all the time.

Another favorite of mine:

 Suzi i dont in any way take that as being insulting. I also wish the president would quit saying "my" "my" "my" plan does this or that.  But brushing up on how government works? Heck not sure anyone even knows that anymore,,maybe how it is "suppose" to work. But no I was aware the president doesnt write bills. May be stupid but not dumb.... But there is alot to look at there and decipher and say thats right thats not right.  But for the moment its not of my top concern,,,,,,Steelers in 45 minutes are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!May be back later this evening.

 Money is the root of all wealth.

When the President says "my" plan, he is counting on us to be knowledgable enough to know the difference between his plan, and the various bills put forth by different congressional committees. 

I'm glad you have a good understanding of how it all works, as that's so important.  Therefore, your question about the "Baucus" bill, (which was actually written by the Finance Committee) coming out so soon after Obama's speech must have been a rhetorical one.

A collection of polls courtesy of Nate Silver (dunno if this was the relevant question).

It's sad that we've reached a point where 'government service' is a dirty word... If we're the greatest country on earth, maybe we can have the greatest government.

Lewis Black

"I am going to break my vow not to answer"

Ha, I had vowed not to answer Hope anymore, since she thinks my intent is not honest dialogue, but maybe the information about Rasmussen will add to the discussion.

Many people think Rasmussen leans to the right and traditionally their numbers do lean more Republican than Democratic especially on issues and presidential approval numbers.  

Many of their critics cite the fact that Rasmussen was a paid consultant to the Bush campaign as proof that Rasmussen's data is biased.  But the real reason is that they poll "likely voters" instead of "all voters."  For some reason, you always will lean slightly Republican if you poll likely voters.  I don't know if Republicans are more inclined to always vote and Democrats are more likely to stay at home if they aren't interested or what the reason, but that is always true when polling.

Rasmussen has a very good track record in election polling and they were the most accurate in both the 2008 and 2004 elections.   So, I would think all politicians would be wise to pay close attention to their numbers on issue polling. 

I think the view that Rasmussen leans right is more than the fact that he worked for Bush.  Scott Rasmussen is also a regular guest on Sean Hannity's radio show, (and on Fox News talk shows) and worked as a columnist for Worldnetdaily.

Mike Huckabee is the most dangerous of the pack. He has a warm likeable manner to him that hides his right wing ideologue of hate.

Stupid Huckabee quotes:

And the ultimate thing is, I may not be the expert that some people are on foreign policy, but I did stay in a Holiday Inn Express last night.

That was Barack Obama. He just tripped off a chair. He's getting ready to speak and somebody aimed a gun at him and he -- he dove for the floor. -- after his speech to the National Rifle Association was interrupted by a loud noise

Where's lephead? These may be old, but they're definite "WTF???!" contenders.

It's sad that we've reached a point where 'government service' is a dirty word... If we're the greatest country on earth, maybe we can have the greatest government.

Lewis Black

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