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More Acorns

By BlakeyV - Posted on 19 September 2009

 Ok this may be a far right site as I will be told but thats ok. I think with the latest ACORN troubles having truth behind them you may find this interesting and some will not.

Again not what it once was but you can see enough I think.

Yes, this was interesting.  It gets even more interesting.  When you go to the site, and type in Acorn, you get things specific to the locality of your computer.   Even more interesting yet, is that the site does not discriminate in any way about what it lists.  Here is what I got.  Please note that the first eight opportunity listings are for something called Kiss My Ass, whose header is "All acorn officers and officials in the current administration can kiss my ass."

It always helps to look beyond the obvious on any website, right or left.  Yep, I certainly CAN see through this one.   That was tooo easy.  ;-)

Simply more troll-baiting.

Suzie, It looks like something might be amiss at  I typed in my ZIP code and legimate volunteer opportunites showed up.  Typing in ACORN returns the Kiss My Ass.


See my answer to Blakey.  Obviously, someone has been very busy creating an opportunity" to Kiss My Ass.  I hope you clicked on KMA to see just what they had to say.  Vile.  Just more proof of the mentality of the far right wing.

Suzi,,that system like that works the same as a google does it not?  I can type in anything and get a multiple things.  Again,,not the point of it but take it for whatever you will.

It apparently works much like "a google", for the fact that it picks up keywords and finds matches within the site, not web wide.  From my quick look around, it appears that anyone can create a project or opportunity to serve, then if you type in a word that is within one of them, you will get a match.

The point, as I see it was that the writer of your piece was attempting to "prove" a nefarious connection between the Obama administration and ACORN.  My search result would "prove" that Obama hats ACORN, and calls them all sorts of vile names.  Neither position is valid. 

What is the point as you see it?

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