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Izzy Goes to Washington!!!

By Kelly Thomas - Posted on 06 October 2009

Guess what Izzy is doing for Columbus Day week-end? You are not going to believe this but I swear it's true!! I just had to share my awesome news with my friends at RFO!!

It's a long story, but my sister is a close friend of someone very involved with an organization called The Human Rights Campaign. She is quite wealthy and every year books a table of 10 for the HRC big annual dinner in Washington, DC. My sister went last year and Hillary Clinton gave an address (it was supposed to be Joe Biden but his mother-in-law passed away so he had to cancel.) Anyway, she told me it was awesome and it got her pumped up for the election. I told her if they ever had extra seats, I'd love to attend an event like that. She contacted me a few months ago, letting me know they'd have room for my husband and me if we were interested for the October 10th black tie dinner. I immediately said yes and planned our trip to DC. I knew HRC booked some amazing keynote speakers in the past but imagine my shock when I learned yesterday that President Obama will be the keynote speaker!!   My sister's friend even has enough clout to get us connected to pre and post-party receptions. Check out the links below. Wow! A dream come true for Izzy!! Oh, it's great to have connections!!

article from MSNBC

Link to HRC dinner website

OMG!!  Right now, I'm so excited for you, that all I can say is....OMG!!

That's awesome!!! We'll want to read all about it when you return... I'm sure none of us will need to twist your arm to post or blog about it!


You think we could twist her arm to tweet during the dinner?
SMOKIN'   Be sure to get some pics and post.

I think I'll be way too nervous to tweet (or even eat!) but I'll see what I can do. I keep telling myself I have to remain calm, cool and collected during this event so I can I can at least pretend I belong with all these well-connected people! My instinct will be to jump up and down and scream, but I sure don't want to be hauled away! After being a part of the huge crowd at the inauguration and seeing President Obama as a tiny dot, I can't believe I will see him in a fairly small venue (I think it will be 3000-5000 people.) I'm told our hostess has VIP status but I'm not sure how close we will be or what perks that may bring. I'm just thrilled knowing I'll be able to see and listen to our president at an event like this.

After I learned we would be attending, I kept checking their site periodically to see who the speaker would be and I found it odd that no speaker was listed, even a week before. I thought maybe that meant it would be someone important like Biden. I recall a fleeting thought that maybe President Obama would speak mainly because I knew he needed to reassure some in the LGBT community and I knew they are  a pretty important group in terms of gay rights. But I laughed off that thought pretty quickly. Don't worry, I'll fill you in on all the details!!

We leave Friday evening and return Monday night, so I'll post by Tuesday.

Congrats, Kelly!! I hope it's even better than you expect. Can't wait to read about it.
Sweet! That would make me want to explode!

Way to go, Izzy. Have a great time, and please keep us informed!


Very Cool, Izzy!  I hope you have an excellent time.  

I look forward to reading about your time in D.C.  


Halloween is coming!

Are you prepared?  

Do you know where your candy is?

That is pretty insane.  You better get a photo with Barack!

Two words keep popping into my mind...

1. PICTURES (and lots of them, please ma'am!!)

2.  JEALOUS!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a great time Izzy!!!  I'm so happy for you!!!! 

"I SO voted for Barack Obama!  10/25/08"

Thanks-I am happy to represent RFO. Funny, but I'm quite sure I'll be the only Republican in the room so I'll be thinking about you guys if I feel a little out of place. Don't worry-I won't yell out "You Lie" and give myself away. However, if I comply with the tweeting request, I may look awkwardly similar to Cantor during the address to Congress, so they may catch on! I know security will be really tight (I'm sure they are doing background checks on me as I write this) so I hope they let us take cameras in (at least a cell phone??) If not, hey, there's always Photoshop, right?

We are making a family trip out of this and driving with the kids (age 4 & 8) and a babysitter. We're not sure what to do Sunday. What do you think? Washington Zoo, a museum, or something different? If you have some experience visiting DC, please offer your advice. I looked into a White House tour long ago but they don't do them on week-ends or holidays. Hey, maybe President Obama will invite us for a beer!

I highly recommend the Smithsonsian.  My kids loved the air & space museum and the national history museum.


Congratulations Kelly. Take lots of pictures. I pick going to the zoo with the little ones.

That's fantastic!  

Sounds like a great trip...scuba diving Indonesia 

Washington Zoo, a museum, or something different? If you have some experience visiting DC, please offer your advice.  - I've never been to the new zoo, but it looks fantastic on the web.  They have animal cams so you can see the beasties on the internet -  

and I love the Lincoln monument and the mall, though that might be a bit dull for your kids.

Izzy, you have no idea just how JEALOUS I am of you!!!  Good for you girl!!!  You'd BETTER bring back a whole bunch of pics and a TOTAL review of the event!  Hope you have a GREAT time!!! :)

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