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Conservative Praise for Nobel Speech

By John Martin - Posted on 10 December 2009

President Barack Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize speech today is already drawing praise from conservatives, including former GOP House Speaker Newt Gingrich and former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.

Stated Gingrich, “I think having a liberal president who goes to Oslo on behalf of a peace prize and reminds the committee that they would not be free, they wouldn't be able to have a peace prize, without having [the ability to use] force.  I thought in some ways it's a very historic speech.”
I'm just thankful there was some positive praise. It goes a long way to countering the  "against him in every way, shape or form, at all costs" appearence they give off. AKA "just saying no"
Of course this could also make Newt look like even more of a RINO to the far right. Newt is on thin ice after NY-23. Which is laughable, because if Newt is a RINO then the party is in even more trouble than you could imagine.  

If Palin liked his speech, he may need a new speech writer.  ;-)   Notice that she said, "We have to stop these terrorists." That's quite an improvement over her old phrase, "We gotta stop these darned terrorists." (wink, wink)  

It is interesting that someone like Newt can't respond in a reasonable manner without being labeled a RINO.  Why that's one step away from being branded a LIBERAL.  

Well, to be fair, Palin liked it because she thinks he stole parts of it from her book.

I. Kid. You. Not.

Palin said the president's remarks had a familiar ring. "I thumbed through my book quickly this morning to say 'Wow! That really sounded familiar.' because I talked in book too about the fallen nature of man and why war is necessary at times."
Well, at least she's familiarizing herself with the book she apparently wrote.
^5, QFT. (Good God, I'm using txtspeak on a smartphone...)

It's sad that we've reached a point where 'government service' is a dirty word... If we're the greatest country on earth, maybe we can have the greatest government.

Lewis Black

Okay, I got the High Five, but the QFT stumps me. . . 

But then I didn't know what a RickRoll was until my husband did it to me! 

QFT = "Quoted For Truth"

From MSNBC. This was an interesting article basically saying that the president's speech had "take that, Cheney!" all over it.

BTW-I think the Nobel Peace prize speech is the clearest outline thus far of the "Obama Doctrine." I realize some say that he had hints of Bush in his talk, but I disagree. The contrast could not be more stark if you really dissect every word. 

I was impressed with the made me proud to be an American and an Obama supporter. 

The words I am hearing most applied to the speech are "realistic idealism".  That is a perfect description...not only of the speech, but of the Obama doctrine in general.

  The other Nobel thread is already full of media embeds and kind of slow, i'll use this one for these clips.

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