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Boehner Thinks Taxpayers Should Help Pay for Oil Spill Clean-up!

By Kelly Thomas - Posted on 10 June 2010

Link from TPM. GOP Leader Boehner is trying to walk this back, but I can't believe he actually implied that taxpayers should help with the oil spill costs!! Apparently, he has been hanging out with the Chamber of Commerce a bit too much or his heart breaks for poor BP and all the bills they have piling up. Obviously, he is against lifting the cap that oil companies have to pay and thinks we should cover the balance. He is also angry that they are having so many "hearings" on the BP oil spill already. We all know that the GOP is in bed with big oil, but does he really think it's wise to expose that fact so blatantly?

Congressional Democrats and the White House are toying with different ways to force BP to cover the costs of damages from the Gulf oil spill. But they face stiff opposition from industry...and it seems leading Republicans. In response to a question from TPMDC, House Minority Leader John Boehner said he believes taxpayers should help pick up the tab for the clean up.

"I think the people responsible in the oil spill--BP and the federal government--should take full responsibility for what's happening there," Boehner said at his weekly press conference this morning.

Boehner's statement followed comments last Friday by US Chamber of Commerce CEO Tom Donohue who said he opposes efforts to stick BP, a member of the Chamber, with the bill. "It is generally not the practice of this country to change the laws after the game," he said. "Everybody is going to contribute to this clean up. We are all going to have to do it. We are going to have to get the money from the government and from the companies and we will figure out a way to do that."

So today I asked Boehner, "Do you agree with Tom Donohue of the Chamber that the government and taxpayers should pitch in to clean up the oil spill?" The shorter answer is yes.

The Chamber is extremely influential in Republican politics, so on that level it's not particularly surprising that Boehner has Donohue's back on this one. But the politics of asking the federal government (i.e. taxpayers) to help cover the multi-billion dollar cleanup and rescue efforts are deadly. Look for Democrats to jump all over this one.


I just love it when Boehner makes a fool of himself.  Here's an interesting article that I thought I'd put here as it pertains to BP.  Would you believe that British press is complaining that the President's mean actions and words about BP is hurting British seniors?  Apparently many Old Age Pensioner funds are based on BP investments, and they're worried about the precipitous drop in the value of their stocks.  It sounds like their portfolios should be a bit more diversified.  BP has even begged the Prime Minister to speak to the President about it, but he has declined.

 I believe the Telegraph is a fairly conservative paper, and The Drudge Report was linked into this story fairly quickly resulting in some outlandish anti-Obama comments. 

That's the good old GOBP for you! People first (snicker!!!).


I read this story about "Boner" earlier today, and it's taken this long for me to stop seeing red!!  Here's what I hear (what Boehner really meant)....

""Hmmm, the "American people" are criticizing Obama for his lack of response.  I can spin this to my advantage. The GOP can come off as the good guy, standing up for "real Americans" if I take advantage of this mindset, and use this time to insist the government bail out my bed mates in big oil.""

The name of the game is to protect big oil/big business at any cost! They hate "big govment" until small government costs their precious corporations big dollars.  Then they sing a different tune.


our retirement plans and mutual funds are all heavily invested in bp stock -- it aint just the brits !  one way or another, we're all going to pay for this f*ing mess.


House Minority Leader John Boehner bought as much as $50,000 of BP stock months before the massive oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico caused the oil giant's stock price to plummet by as much as 50 percent.

In financial-disclosure statements filed yesterday, the West Chester Republican said that in December, he bought tens of thousands of dollars in stock in a number of energy companies, including BP, ConocoPhillips, Chevron and Exxon-Mobil. Under congressional rules, Boehner was required to report only broad financial ranges -- in this case, that he bought between $15,000 and $50,000 worth of stock.

Meanwhile, the The Washington Post reported yesterday that nearly 30 members of the congressional committees overseeing oil and gas companies held personal assets in the industry totaling $9 million to $14.5 million late last year. That included at least $400,000 in the three companies at the heart of the oil disaster, according to a Post analysis of financial-disclosure forms released yesterday.


There is a hugh conflict of interest in the legislature. IMHO

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