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Way to go Texas Rangers!

By Minngirl - Posted on 22 October 2010

Now I think it's time to start our post-season baseball thread.  It's wonderful when a team that always has been defeated in the ALDS (three times by the Yankees) finally defeats them to march on to the World Series for the first time ever.  Alex Rodriguez making the final out was icing on the cake!  I'm delighted not to have to watch A-Rod's ill humor, Yankee swaggering arrogance, and their continual delay of games because they don't get called on it.  Now, you might think I'm bitter (well maybe a little) because they routinely destroy my Twins, but that's a problem for the Twins themselves.  I think they need either group hypnosis, psychoanalysis or perhaps an exorcism.

The Phillies were my first baseball love, and I'm rooting for them to win the NLCS although I have kind thoughts for the Giants as they've never won a World Series since they moved to San Francisco, and Barry Bonds is no longer on the team.

If the Giants win the NLCS I'll definitely be rooting for the Rangers in the World Series.  If the Phillies pull it out, I can't say for sure whom I'll root for.  This might be the first time I find myself rooting for the AL team versus the Phillies.

Once again, go Rangers! 

As an embarrassed Dodger fan I have to say, "GO PHILLIES!!!"

"Sometimes you're the windshield, sometimes you're the bug." -- Mark Knopfler

Happy for the Rangers. I want a Rangers/Giants World Series. A fresh chance for both teams and not seeing the usual suspects.

After the game, comedian Andy Borowitz twittered, "the Texas Rangers are living proof that once George W. Bush goes away, things can get better."

"the Texas Rangers are living proof that once George W. Bush goes away, things can get better."

 Great quote!  I love it!

Great line!

Here's a headline from The Onion:

"A-Rod Finally Leads Rangers To World Series"


I have to put my two cents in on this one..

I of course want to see my fightin' Phils get back to the world series:)  That stadium will be literally rocking tonight!  One of the commentators on sports radio said yesterday, that the SF fans were very excited and enthusiastic in the stands...but that it will be nothing compared to Philly!  SF was on the record, saying they did not want to take that six hours plane ride back to philly.  I am sure the fans will be reminding them why tonight~

As much as I wanted the Phillies/Yankee rematch, I was genuinely happy for the Rangers last night!  I am particularly happy for Cliff Lee to get another shot in the World Series.  (a Halladay/Lee match up for game 1 in the WS would really be something to see)

and Minngirl...I totally agree..that was priceless for the last out to be A-Rod!



"Peace Cannot be kept by force.  It can only be achieved by understanding."

Albert Einstein

Now there are only 2 teams who have never been to a World Series.  Can anyone name them without google help?

Houston Astros, Seattle Mariners, possibly the Washington Nationals

"Sometimes you're the windshield, sometimes you're the bug." -- Mark Knopfler

Seattle Mariners and Washington Nationals are the correct answers. 

Seattle has existed since 1977 and the Washington Nationals since 1969 (Montreal Expos until 2005).  Neither team has ever been to the World Series.

Houston has been to the Series once in 2005, but got swept by the White Sox. 

OUCH!  That last out was brutal last night!:(

Rangers is it...Minngirl...I'm with ya~ 



"Peace Cannot be kept by force.  It can only be achieved by understanding."

Albert Einstein

I know.  I felt a bit sad when all the life seemed to go out of the Phillies ballpark.  Once again, I regret that I couldn't get excited by the 2008 World Series with the election that week.

My brother called me after the election in 08' ( a conservative Republican) and not much of a sports fan to tell me, "Gees you are having a really good year, hun?!"  LOL 

Indeed I was:)

Here's hoping that the dem's don't fare as badly as the Phillies this season...I don't think I can take anymore disappointment! 



"Peace Cannot be kept by force.  It can only be achieved by understanding."

Albert Einstein

While one of my favorite past times is to hate on the Dallas Cowboys, I cannot do the same against the Rangers.

I'm thrilled for them AND for Nolan Ryan, who (for those who aren't aware) spent many years in his prime pitching days as a Houston Astro and put the Astros on the map. 

What I'm most proud of is that they played like they were there to win it... they were determined, and I could feel it  every game. 

I used to love the Dallas Cowboys. Now, not so much. Is it possible for a team to trade the owner?
I'm glad to see the Texans come over here and post.  Usually the only Texas teams I root for are first the Dillon Panthers and then the East Dillon Lions on Friday Night Lights.  Now, I'm looking forward to Wednesday night.

The Series starts tonight. 

I call Rangers in 7 games.  It's going to be an awesome Series this year.  


I guess I'll be the only one here pulling for the Giants.  I won't be upset if the Rangers win but I like The Freak and the whole Fear The Beard thing with Brian Wilson.  Also, there is something that makes me happy when Nolan Ryan is put on camera with a bad look on his face.  I'm not sure why this is but as they say, "it is what it is".

As for Philly, I'm glad to not see them in the Series for a 3rd year in a row.  I have nothing against the Phillies but just would like to see someone different.  Oh, and Roy Oswalt can suck it!  I hate when players want to bail out on a bad team but will only lift their no trade clause to go to a handful of teams, you know, the ones likely to win the World Series.  Plus, I was in Nashville last week and it was overrun by Philly fans which I VERY quickly grew tired of.

"I guess I'll be the only one here pulling for the Giants."

No you won't.  I have been a SF Giants fan since 1960. I was so disappointed when  they blew that WS against the Angels (they had it, and let it slip away).

I do think the Rangers will probably win, though, since they are a much better hitting ballclub.  The Giants have better overall pitching, however.

I'm kind of torn as to who to be for in this World Series.

I have several friends who live in the Dallas area and they are so excited over the Rangers and for their sake, I'd be for Texas.

However, I usually root for the National League team since they play real baseball.  Giants pitcher Matt Cain went to my neighborhood high school and I'm told by relatives who went there at the same time that he is a good guy.  

So, I guess I'm also for the Giants.  But if Texas won, it wouldn't be a bad thing.  I was definitely glad to see the Rangers make the Series since this is their first trip.


I usually root for the National League team since they play real baseball.

LOL!  I usually root for the NL for the same reason; I'm making the exception this time around.  However, based on games 1 & 2, I'm getting a little concerned about them.


Hmmmm, NL elitism again.:)  Actually, I think most people tend to favor whatever league rules apply to their favorite team.  I always root for the AL in the All-Star game, but I don't find myself rooting for the White Sox (although I love Ozzie Guillen) or Yankees in the World Series.

Last night I was thinking we finally got the pitcher's dual that I expected with the first game, but then everything went to pieces.  I hope the Rangers can get their act together at home.  Considering the Giants long WS drought, I won't be that unhappy if they win it. 

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