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START Treaty cloture invoked, Final Vote expected tomorrow

By Minngirl - Posted on 21 December 2010

The vote for closure was 67-28, and there are 9 Republican senators who have publicly stated that they support the treaty so that it hopefully will get passed tomorrow although it will probably just squeak by the 67 minimum votes.  Brandon, glad to see both of your senators (Alexander and Corker) from Tennessee support it.

Now they're blathering on about wanting to kill wolves and net neutrality. 

I checked to see that the two Democratic Senators in my state both back the treaty. I am pleased to see that yes, both Levin and Stabenow are backing it, and I feel confident that the treaty will be ratified.

Good. Another obstruction knocked down.

Where do we find how our Reps and Senators voted on this stuff? I mean, I don't want to look up amendment this and HR that. I want to look up "START bill" or "tax cut extension bill" and find out who voted what.


Go to to find out how your Senators voted on this treaty. Just FYI, it has been ratified now! 71 Senators voted in its favor, but three Republicans did not vote. The link to see the votes is in the right-hand column, just click on the Votes link.
Okay, cool. Both my senators voted in favor.

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