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How yas been?

By BlakeyIam - Posted on 20 February 2011

My random check in.....

What have yous been up to?

Anything exciting happening in your life?

Ready for spring?

 How is 2011 treating ya?

sorry Suzi, did not mean to make 2 threads of this..delete one if ya can..Thanks!

Hey Blakey!!  I've been up to so much, I don't have time to type it and you don't have time to read it.  lol

I'm more than ready for spring, as we've had another unually cold winter...climate change and all that, ya know. lol

RFO is pretty quiet, with just the regulars chatting and venting about the state of politics today.  We'll be gearing up more as the primary season approaches.

Have you joined the Tea Party yet?  RFOL

I miss you Blakey...You made us smile.  xoxo

 Yo Ho, to our favorite troll.

P.S. Since 2/20/2009... I'm still not smoking... feel great. I remember what you said,

You can do it!! Fight the urge!! I work/ed with a guy that has tried quitting multiple times and a week, month later there he goes again. Try putting some hot sauce or something bad tasting on a cigerette so you think of it as awful. Or better yet just use you will power and tell yourself everytime "YES I CAN". Out of kindness once every couple of weeks I am going to ask you how its going so you don't give up.

Yes I did.

No tea party yet Suzi..I honestly havent paid really attention to politics in quite awhile..  its all over in 2012 anyways.LOL.. great to hear from ya and sorry to hear global warming hasnt helped you any this winter...been doing my part..I get 10 miles per gallon....:p.......and Great to hear Misty and I still have that trophy on my wall.....and I am glad to hear you arent smoking..and thanks for reposting what I posted....missed yas!!freakin dial up wasnt so slow I;d come on here more often..will try to , but I have said that before..............
blakey, are you on facebook?

Hey, Blake! Good to hear from you.  Not much happening for me this year... studying for another huge professional exam so I have no life other than work and study. 

We're having spring weather here on the Gulf Coast - and I'm more than ready for it.  How about you?


yeah I gots facebook and I am ready for spring but we had a few taste but long time before it set in for good here probably...snowing today......

we're not fb friends  :(

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