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A nice baseball story: Berra & Guidry

By Minngirl - Posted on 24 February 2011

I almost always root against the Yankees (except when they're playing in the All Star Game), but I've always adored Yogi Berra.  I came across this story in the New York Times, and it found the relationship between Berra and Guidry such a nice story and thought I'd share it with my RFO buddies.  How Guidry got the routine follower to try Cajun cooking, and also the fact that Berra has been married to the same woman for 62 years! 

Yogi is one of the more unique individuals on earth, and probably the most unique baseball player in history. He's impossible to not love.

Guidry's story is a little bit of a shame. He was named co-captain in '87 (I think that's when it was), but was really never the same after the '85 season. He could and should have been a hall-of-famer.

One thing the Yankees do better than anyone is to keep connected to their history. When you have former players like this, how could you not invite them to still be part of the team.

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