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Miss Universe contestant receives death threat

By Misty - Posted on 20 March 2011

Source: Guardian

When Shanna Bukhari decided she wanted to be the first Muslim to represent Britain in a global beauty pageant, she suspected the road ahead might not be smooth, but nothing could have prepared her for the abuse she received.

"I have felt in fear for my life," said the 24-year-old Miss Universe contestant. The attacks escalated last week when Bukhari received her first death threat.

The censure has come from various quarters, ranging from Muslims who claim that she is denigrating the name of Islam, to white supremacists who say that an Asian cannot represent the UK, and to women who condemn beauty pageants as an affront to feminism.

Bukhari, born in Blackburn, grew up in Lancashire and is no stranger to intolerance. When she was nine, she ended up in hospital after a man screaming racist abuse had thrown a brick at her, causing so much damage to her stomach that she suffered a blood clot and had to undergo surgery.


 Oh good grief. Stupidity coming out of the walls. The only thing that matters is whether she's pretty. And she is.

Rima Fakhi winning Miss USA in 2010 seems to have gone pretty well. Both of them are great to me. A guy. A simple guy. 



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