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Duncan Hunter defends Obama on Libya

I'm sure he'll get lots of slack, but it is a powerful endorsement considering his military background AND political party.
I concur, Kelly. The positions of Hunter makes this a significant endorsement for the President's policy. I am waiting to see the response from the rest of his party though.

Judging by the comments on that article, they don't think much of it. :/ I admit to being of 2 minds on the subject. I don't think we went in for "humanitarian" reasons. If we cared about civilians, we would have done something in Rwanda, Sudan and Darfur, and all we heard was crickets (and yes, I know, none of that happened on Obama's watch) from the US. So the "saving civilians" argument rings false to me.

At the same time, I'm not unhappy that we supported the no-fly zone, but I'll be happier when NATO takes the reins and we aren't on the hook for everything. 

Whether Gadhafi is toppled or not is yet to be seen, nor is whether what would replace him will prove to be any better than the current ruler. 


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I agree. I have such a bad feeling still about Iraq and Afghanistan it's hard to swallow a new mission without doubt, fatigue and fear. But I am impressed with his "we're not in this alone" and helping the people to topple their leader, not us doing that alone in that "cowboy" way we are used to. I do think a big part of it was humanitarian but we have bigger interests, too, which cemented our decision. The examples of our inaction in certain parts of the world clearly says alot (not that I think we should be the world policeman-we have so much need with our own domestic issues including poverty and joblessness-but there are some awful things happening in many countries and I wish we could help more.)

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