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Wait for the Spin!

By Suzi LeVeaux - Posted on 21 April 2011

According to Politicususa

 On Wednesday it was reported that President Obama was drafting an executive order that would require companies pursuing federal contracts to disclose political contributions that have been secret under the Citizen’s United ruling.   The Republican Party and the Heritage Foundation are in apoplexy mode.  I can't wait to hear the spin on this one!!!!!!!!

You'd think the right would love this for government transparency. They're a fun bunch. 

Awesome! I don't think President Obama will get far with this Congress on anything important-jobs, climate change, immigration reform, etc. So I think he should really start using his "executive order" powers whenever and wherever possible, even if it limits the impact.

Will he use on gun control, too?

I saw this awhile ago, but worth another read.

This seems to be being spun by both left and right as bigger than it is. It is only for contractors pursuing government contracts, and it is only for disclosure, not banning.

I still take issue with the article's dig on the "corporation as a person" lie. I'm so tired of that. 

I was expecting  Corporate personhood refers to the freedom of speech issue, which is a freedom granted to people.  But we've gone rounds on this in the past, and no use rehashing it. 

Well, I could you know. I've got my arguments at the ready!

But I have to go to my daughter's school conference in a few minutes. 

Since I pretty well remember your arguments, we'll just pretend we had the conversation. 

I'll bet you get nothing but glowing reports at the conference!! ;-)

Oh, I did, Suzi! I am so proud of my daughter and I hope she continues to love learning.

There seems to be a time around teenage years though where it sometimes falls by the wayside.

That's just a couple more years away, sigh.

And my oldest turns 20 at the end of June! Gah! 

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