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Yes He Did!!!

By Suzi LeVeaux - Posted on 22 April 2011

As we prepare to enter the 2012 election cycle, I think it's time to gird ourselves with information concerning just how much President Obama has accomplished during his first term.  The opposition will be very loud, not only from the right, but also from the "professional left".   Whether you love him, hate him or are just frustrated by him, here are a few of the things he's managed to do since taking office....against incredible odds!!

What Has Obama Done Since January 20, 2009?  Yes He Did!!

One of the most tiresome refrains I hear from both sides of the political aisle is what a failure/disappointment President Obama has been thus far.  I keep seeing new things he's doing, and I think he's the best president we've had in many years. Not only is he NOT a "failure," he's pretty much the opposite.

Here is a PARTIAL list of Obama's accomplishments so far. I have more, and I will be adding them over the next few days and weeks. Unlike many lists, I actually include a link to details. Some of the links need to be updated, and I will get to that, too. This is a work in progress, but it's a pretty impressive list, nonetheless.  Anytime someone tells you Obama sucks, show them this. (Especially the first one.)

We all need to familiarize ourselves with the very real accomplishments of our President, in order to be an effective voice for his re-election.  The right will be armed with spin, negativity and outright lies.  The far left will be vocal in their disappointment at the lack of a more leftist agenda.  It's up to people like us to make sure the truth gets out there, showing President Obama in the positive, pragmatic and effective way in which he governs. 

We all need to consider this our assignment for the coming fight.  Do your homework and be prepared.  The outcome of the next presidential election may just be the most important one of our lifetime.

People need to calm down and gain some perspective.

For the loonies on the right: TARP was passed by President Bush and large numbers of Republicans. Obama has been strong on defense and has cut taxes.

For the loonies on the left: Healthcare reform. DADT repeal. If Obama had accomplished nothing else, that'd be enough to declare a sucessful Democratic presidency.

For everyone else: The economy is coming back. Obama has already passed big legislation, and has successfully pissed off both the hard left and the hard right, when appropriate. The candidate who you used to worry might not be experienced enough is now the most qualified candidate in the race.

Amen John!   As I've said many times since President Obama took office, as long as he is pissing off both extremes, we know he's doing a great job governing the entire nation.   He's president of ALL the people of the United States of America, not any one extreme faction.  Those that stomp their feet and have tantrums when they don't get their way only succeed in making themselves looks like fools.  The problem is, there are a lot of other fools out there willing and ready to be influenced by them.  Step away from Fox.  Step away from MSNBC.   Get your news and opinions from an unbiased source as much as possible.

I really think the overwhelming majority of Americans either do or would appreciate how Obama has governed, if they had the time to step away from their everyday lives and think about politics for a while. FOX, MSNBC and all the other media need to create controversy to get their ratings up. Political junkies create controversy to get their jollies.
I think most of the idiots complaining about TARP will not acknowledge the fact that all but about $29 B has been paid back.  It was a truly successful program to get the economy going again although one could wish that certain parties had faced criminal proceedings.

I must be an idiot...

I STILL hate TARP, even though I was (and am) in favor of the stimulus and other programs and legislation. I think that it created a moral hazard and I'm not convinced that financial reforms are strong enough to prevent it from happening in the future. 

Tin, what I meant by idiots are those who are holding it as an almost 800 B part of the debt, against the President, when almost all of it has been repaid.  I agree that financial reforms could've been stronger, and the GOP are doing all they can to attempt to weaken them.

I had 3 major problems and 1 minor problem with Obama as a candidate in 2008 , especially is a credible choice for Republicans.

1.  Lack of Experience

2.  A Democratic president along with a strong Democratic majority in the House and Senate would not be good for the country.

3.  I perceived that he was too far to the left on too many issues.  But since he didn't have much of a governing record, who really knew.

All 3 of those reasons are no longer valid as we approach the next election.  

His lack of experience still shows in some areas like in dealing with people who disagree with him and I still think the Democratic Party would have probably been better off in the long run going with a Hillary Clinton/Obama ticket in 2008 but as Suzi points out in the next election he will be the most experienced candidate so that can no longer be a concern.

The worst thing to happen with the Democratic Congress was an extremely flawed healthcare bill, but that is likely to be overhauled before ever being fully implemented.  The Republicans have a virtual lock on the House in 2010 and the odds are definitely in their favor to pick up the Senate so one party rule will not be a factor in the next election.

President Obama has certainly not governed as a liberal with the possible exception of spending too much money. Surprisingly so far,  he has actually been right of center on foreign policy and tax issues.  So my worry that he was some kind of wild radical leftist did not come true.

My minor problem with Obama was not really his fault although I do think he and his campaign took advantage of it and that was the whole "The One" "Messiah" "rock star" "media darling" persona that surrounded him and was expressed by many of his supporters including many here at RFO.  

That was creepy and weird.  We are electing a president, not a god or an American Idol.  The 2012 election will be about his record, so there will be little traction if his supporters try to resurrect the whole "hope and change" "Obama is going to unite us all" mantra.  Fortunately except for some in the media like Chris Matthews and a few diehard Obama lovers that kind of talk is no longer taken seriously.

I'm a conservative, so I hope that the Republicans get their act together before 2012 and come up with a better candidate or someone like Pawlenty or Daniels start making sense but as of April 22, 2010  I would agree that Obama would be the best choice out of those who are considering running. 

 For the record, I don't disagree with most what Brandon said here, except that Brandon expected at very left-winger and I didn't.  Obama has moved even more to the center from where he started.

As for the Republicans getting their act togeterher before 2012: more movement away from that than toward it. I - for one - am not holding out any hope.  Dear God, Trump is making Palin look like valid in comparison.  WTF?  

Wow, Brandon-that's the closest I've ever seen you to entertaining the notion of voting for President Obama in 2012, so I guess he must be doing something right. Or the GOP field is worse than we thought.

As for that rock star/Messiah stuff, much of that was created on the right (they even ran commercials based on those themes) so it kind of backfired and did not seem to equal a reason not to vote for Obama over McCain, especially when the economy tanked before the election. Palin and Trump now get the rock star treatment and they have far less substance IMO (which is sad.)

As a republican, I was instantly attracted to Obama's "bringing people together/we are one" messages as far back as his speech at the DNC Convention in 2004 (video here.) And I heard a few interviews, read some articles, and read his books and defined him easily and early as a moderate-never "feared" some liberal extremism. I even turned to my husband after watching an interview with him well before he talked about running for president and saying "wow-I would actually consider voting for this guy for president and he's a Democrat!" My  husband was shocked since we still had arguments in which I insisted the Iraq war was justified at that time (I was a slow learner!) All those rumors and lies about him being a flaming liberal came from places like Fox News and people like you heard it so much, you just assumed it was true-and I can't blame you, since the Democrats aren't as savvy with counterattacks and forcing fact-checks.

A few things I scratch my head about in terms of your position on things. You say a divided government is a good thing, whiich it certainly CAN be. But a responsible & reasonable divided government is the key. How can you be glad some of these GOP bozos were elected. It appears most of the freshman have their own agenda and won't even negotiate with Boehner for the good of their own party. Points that baffle me:

1. They have done nothing on jobs. Made the job market much worse, in fact, by cutting government jobs with great joy. As if these people have no faces, no families. I have seen what "cuts to education" look like and it's painful to talk about all the tears I've seen over the past month and think about our larger classrooms next year. As if that's not bad enough, we have Tea Party governors going after our collective bargaining rights. Hmm-remind me when they campaigned on THAT. Even Reagan had an appreciation of collective bargaining.

I'll bet if I counted the times they mentioned abortion, taking away gay rights, or tax cuts for the rich compared to how many times they mentioned jobs, they'd have reason to be embarrassed.

2. They are shoving a social agenda down our throats at every opportunity. Attacking Planned Parenthood? Really? Spending $520/hour to pay a lawyer to defend Defense of Marriage Act? All kinds of laws in the works to make it tougher for minorities, women, and even students to vote! And we are talking BIG in your face government here. Aren't Republicans supposed to be against that? Michigan is just going to have power to "fire" a mayor at will even if the people elected him? That is beyond big government. And Birther craziness all around, even making it into state law! I am Pro-Life but forcing women to watch a sonogram and talk to "pro-life" agencies with an agenda-at tax payer expense- before an abortion is insane. Imagine if men were going through a procedure (like a vasectomy) and forced to do something like this!

3. I know Dem messaging is horrible, but let's get something straight: President Obama's healthcare plan reduces the deficit and is paid for. The Republican plan-keep the status quo-increases the deficit-ALOT-and is not paid for. Whatever happened to repeal & replace? That turned into repeal only. Why? Because they never really had a plan, other than to make insurance companies even more profitable while costs skyrocketed and average citizens paid more. Haley Barbour was asked about the 18% uninsured in his state and he said "nobody is really uninsured, they've got the ER." Ugh-how out of touch can one get? So, Brandon, if you want to increase the deficit and keep millions of people uninsured, keep embracing the GOP "plan." Obama's plan is not perfect-thanks to insurance lobbyists who got their way-but it's a step in the right direction. And speaking of health care, a voucher system for Medicare? Ending Medicare as we know it? Even Wendell Potter who worked for the insurance companies says the only ones who would benefit here would be big insurance companies. No surprise.

4. The GOP is not a friend to the consumer and middle class. They are not shy about wanting to deregulate-even after the BP oil spill and food safety issues-and sacrifice our safety in the process. It's big business all the time and no room for the little guy who has no lobbyists fighting for them.

5. And this great "balance" you dream of doesn't work too well when one side is willing to negotiate and the other says "my way or the highway." In terms of cutting the deficit, Democrats have put SS, Medicare, Medicaid, changing the tax code, and ending tax cuts for the rich on the table. What's the GOP response? Tax increases for the rich are a non-starter so we won't do anything unless we cut taxes on the rich! Why are they so stubborn on that when we know raising taxes (merely letting the Bush tax cuts expire) would be a huge help in reducing the deficit, not to mention ending tax loopholes, oil subsidies, etc. This just proves the  GOP is not serious about the deficit. How can you support Republicans who voted for the Ryan Plan with big tax breaks for the rich paid for by the poor and middle class?

You may be right that the GOP holds onto the House and has big gains in the Senate in 2012, but why would you want that given what you see they are doing with that power? It's frightening to me.

Back to the point of this thread, President Obams has done amazing things in a pretty short amount of time. And I laugh at all my conservative friends who told me Wall Street would fall under President Obama (it has surged and corporations are doing better than ever.)

But let's put aside all the hot air and just look at the facts. Based on this chart of stock market performance under Presidents Clinton, Bush, and Obama, can you figure out which adminstration had the anti-growth record?

Stock Market By Presidency

Data source.

And they told me taxes would go up under Obama. Guess what? We have paid the lowest amount of taxes under Obama since Truman. Generally, thanks to TARP (which we had to plug our nose for) and the stimulus program, the job market an economy are improving. The only thing still pretty weak is housing, so I'm not sure if much can be done and/or when we'll see it get revived a bit (Kim? Shed some light?) I give the president great credit for coming in at such a challenging time on so many levels and working hard to improve things. And making compromise a big part of that. Health care reform and repealing DADT were near and dear to my heart.

Some of these may sound like liberal wishes, but you'll notice each one reduces the deficit or helps the economy to thrive. Hopefully he'll get a second term so he can:
-end both wars (save $ and precious lives!!!)
-bring unemployment down to "normal levels"
-make gay marriage legal (that would help the economy!)
-get a good Climate change/energy bill (this reduces the deficit)
-finally get DREAM Act & comprehensive immigration reform done (this could be very stimulating to economy)

-And hey, why not legalize marijuana and tax it (to help the economy even more)

Sorry for my lengthy response. Felt the need to go deeper here.

I haven't looked at any race-by-race breakdown of the 2012 U.S. Senate races, but if Obama ends up winning next year, that's not a good thing for Republican candidates-- in either house. His coattails will be a huge help to lots of Democratic candidates.

If Obama wins, Democrats will probably pick up a few seats in the Senate, and will probably narrow the GOP's margin in the House. Bad for those who want to repeal parts of the Affordable Care Act or who are pushing for more tax cuts for billionaires.

Wow, Brandon!!  I was mentally preparing my responses as I read your post, but you're last paragraph stunned me into silence!!!  ;-)

Wow, Brandon!!  I was mentally preparing my responses as I read your post, but you're last paragraph stunned me into silence!!!  ;-)

And he wishes Izzy was stunned in the same SILENT way. When I'm impressed with Brandon, I guess my response is to write a novel and blab, blab, blab.

Hope he'll forgive me. On a serious note, what would we do without Brandon? He's awesome on so many levels, including putting up with me!

I loved what you wrote, Izyy, and totally agree.  I'll have a few things to say too, now that I've recovered.   I'm trying to stay away from politics for today (at least until tonight ;-) 

Brandon is a great guy, and a good friend.  I'm very glad he's part of RFO, and a friend of mine.

Suzi's blog deserves to be bumped in light of the weekend's events. 

True that!
Good idea to bump it up.  It also gives me a good place to link an article that I read over the weekend.  It's a very detailed article about the problem with some progressives who aren't satisfied with Obama inspite of the many things he's accomplished, and that progressive heroes such as FDR, Truman, and others weren't exactly perfect themselves.

Thanks Kim and all....This weekend has my head spinning. I am so proud of my President, and he proves he's not "soft" on terror.

Another campaign promise kept!!

TPM put together great clips regarding the presidential debates in 2008 re : getting OBL and going into Pakistan.  Any doubt that we elected the right person in 2008? 

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