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Then vs. Now

By TinSoldier - Posted on 26 April 2011

It's interesting how "conservatives" were originally those who defended the status quo and who were opposed to change, and how "liberals" were those who advocated radical changes to society and governance.

Nowadays it seems as is the self-appointed "conservatives" are the ones advocating radical changes whereas our "liberals" are those defending the status quo.

That's why I still define myself as a conservative -- I believe in the original definition. 

Unlike some, I don't think liberals are fighting for the status quo because they've been pushed back on their heels by some conservative wave of support. I think most of the change on the liberal side stems from a realization that some of the excesses of the 60's went too far. I think there's now a little bit more doubt within liberal circles that government isn't always able to fix things. 

Many big government programs that seemed like common sense in 1964 have seen their support whittle away over the last few decades as they never achieved their intended consequences. (On the other hand, programs like Medicare continue to have widespread support, at least party because of its relative success.)

I mostly agree with you, John.

I think that both parties, and the country in general, have shifted to the right. Which is why accusations calling Obama a "socialist" are especially laughable.

Heh, I was reading an Ezra Klein editorial in the newspaper today and he said that Barack Obama was a "moderate Republican from the early 1990s". Heh. So true.

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