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Sarah "Rootin' Tootin' I Can See Putin" Palin

By SG8970 - Posted on 03 June 2011

I wish I thought of that but it's from the first link. Palin is such an embarrassment and it's incredibly sad that so many in the media, a portion of the electorate, and in politics in general - take her seriously.

Sarah Palin Gets The 2nd Amendment And Paul Revere's Ride Wrong

She wore a Star Of David while touring New York.... *facepalm*

She is an idiot and the press is just as idiotic for following her around. I'll bet she got more press that Obama visiting a GM plant! Pathetic.
What I enjoyed hearing about was when her bus was parked in NYC, someone attached a note on her "We the people" section.  It said "I, the media whore."  I've heard the Palinbots were all upset about it, particularly because there was no damage, no crime involved.

I would really recommend to Sarah that she read this book:

King George: What Was His Problem?: The Whole Hilarious Story of the Revolution

by Steve Sheinkin

It really is a very good book, and while it is a children's book, I learned a ton from it.  Ms. Palin could definitely use it.  Doof.

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