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Charlie Dent (R) Gets an Education

By John Martin - Posted on 03 July 2011

I'm so used to hearing the Republican party line coming out of D.C., I forget that middle America doesn't always fall for the baloney they feed us.

Here's a clip from a town hall meeting with Pennsylvania Congressman Charlie Dent (R), in which his constituents put him on the defensive.

Among the points made by this room full of real Americans:

  • The Bush tax cuts didn't create jobs.
  • Raising taxes will increase revenues, which will reduce the deficit, which will help the economy.
  • If you want the middle class to sacrifice by cutting medicare and social security, maybe the rich should also be asked to sacrifice. 

And here is perhaps the best exchange of the meeting: 

DENT: What should the income tax rate be, since you want to raise income taxes.

CONSTITUENT: Three percent, we’re just saying, three percent that they gave in 2001, ask those wealthy people who have been doing great, who are doing better than anyone else. Just ask them to give their fair share. That’s all these Middle Class people are saying. Don’t saddle us with all of it.

DENT: I meant to ask you, what should the income tax rate be since you want to raise the income tax.

CONSTITUENT: I think it’s fair to say, put the wealthy tax rates back to where they were before 2001. Not a big deal.

DENT: Which rates are you referring to? Seriously–

CONSTITUENT: Thirty nine to thirty five percent–

DENT: You just want to raise the rates straight up.

CONSTITUENT: On the wealthiest people! To fix our fiscal problems.

DENT: That’s small businesses in many cases– [audience boos]

CONSTITUENT: You guys are protecting your sacred cows. Your oil company subsidies, everybody understands that. Just take ‘em, they don’t need them. The tax cuts for the extremely wealthy, they’re doing great, they don’t need them. You can’t come to us and say, ‘We’re going to take your Medicare away because we don’t think it’s working for you.’ [...] That’s why your boys [Republican leadership] are walking out of the room. They say take these off the table. Tell Mr. Cantor to put them back on the table.

A great video; a great constituency.  I love how quickly Dent went into passive/aggressive mode (which tax rates do you want raised) but the crowd smoked him.  Thanks for posting.

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