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Site Upgrades

By John Martin - Posted on 07 July 2011

In case you're still staring at your computer screen, trying to figure out if you entered the wrong domain name into your browser, you haven't. This is still the same old Republicans for Obama site that's been kicking around since 2006. 

What is different is the look (of course), and the software behind it. Once we noticed that our four and a half year old site didn't necessarily work with iPads, Chrome and a whole bunch of other stuff, Evan got to work upgrading things. 

If you notice any bugs or anything that seems out of place, please post them here, or just shoot me an email. We'll be spending the coming days and weeks working the kinks out and making some other, smaller changes. 

Holy smoley. Great job with the new design! I have not experienced any issues with it as yet, but we'll see if that keeps up.

Looks nice! :D


Interesting. Since this is the first thing I've read on the new site, I'll have to reserve judgement.

I DO like the fresh look though. Hopefully navigation will be as easy as the old site.



I love it!  I must confess I haven't been around lately.  The changes are beautiful and the new Logo is awesome!  Looking forward to election season at RFO!

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